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It seems to me to the ultimate remote for Spectrum/AppleTV would be to have a Guide App (on iPad for example) that would Interface and remote control the Spectrum TV app running inside AppleTV. So from the iPad I can see the full guide and rich experience, and when I push on a channel, it would send the signal to Spectrum server app to change channel on my AppleTV. In a similar way, you could change channels by number, by network, or by Show. The Spectrum Web app is a good example, but instead of controlling what you see on the Web, you are controlling what you see on your TV; from a remote UX point of view. This would solve the apple remote issue and provide a better user experience.

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    That does sound like a great thing. I am not sure if this is on the horizon but using the Spectrum TV App guide to change the other devices like Roku and Apple TV would be good! Right now you can use that to change the channel through the cable boxes but people are loving the Roku and Apple TV platform and this would definitely be handy!

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