Stuttering, pixelation, sound problems on TV.

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in TV Equipment Aug 22, 2020

I'm having massive stuttering, pixelation, sound problems on TV. This is my box:

Cisco Explorer 8700 Cable DVR

I'm in Kansas City, MO, area code 64138.

I've rebooted 4 times with no effect.

I can't get a person on the phone due to wait times.

Is there a website that lists non-outage situations like this that may affect a large number of people?


  • SatchSatch Posts: 3,901 helper
    Aug 22, 2020

    Hi Gort,

    You don't have a box problem. (about 95% sure) In these cases with the stuttering and pixilation, you have a problem with your signals or drop line sending the cable data to your home. Bad weather, animal chews, aging wiring both inside and outside the home, and cable splitters on your connections can cause all of these types of problems:

    You need to set up an appointment for a signal and drop line test on your work order. To prepare for this test, and to avoid resets of signal error codes, you will need to avoid rebooting any boxes, modems, or routers for at least six hours prior to your tech's visit. If you reboot any equipment within that six hour range, the error codes will be reset to zero, and the tech won't see a signal problem when there very well is a signal problem. The tech should check all inside wiring and the condition of your drop-line outside.

    I would also recommend that you tune to a free On Demand Channel when the tech is there so that he can take a signal reading of your On Demand Channel. On Demand not coming in and missed recordings, if you have DVR service, are one of the first signs of signal or line problems. Box swaps will not solve signal or line problems. Only updating the lines and wiring will do that.

    For fastest service get a Twitter account or log in to your Twitter account. Than go to the @AskSpectrum Twitter page. Follow the account, so that you can send private direct messages to them. Let them know that you are having picture and sound pixilation problems and need a tech dispatched for a signal and drop line check. Submit your account information in the direct message along with this request. The @AskSpectrum Twitter page is here:


  • Queenvictoria_831Queenvictoria_831 Posts: 1
    Sep 20, 2020

    This keeps on happening on the Travel Channel. I will go to Twitter and try to get this resolved.

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