Where is the stop button on the new DVR remotes?

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I recently got a new DVR box and I have a few complaints on it. First off, there is no time on the outside of the box which was very useful. Second, where is the stop button for the DVR? Now I have to go to EXIT to stop a program then go all the way back into the DVR, find the program and go to delete it when finished. That is a problem and takes a lot of time. Third, when scrolling through the guide I have to hold down the arrow and scroll through all the times to get to the next day, it used to be able to skip days if you want to record something a few days out of even a week out. Fourth, the guide doesn’t even work half the time and keeps saying unavailable. This is definitely not user friendly and is very inconvenient. The old remote did everything and the new one lacks so much. As much as I pay for cable, this is definitely not worth it.



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    The good news is that you can use your old remote with the new box and Spectrum Guide. If you don't have an older remote, they can be exchanged at the Spectrum Store. Many customers prefer the old remote. See if they have the Clickr Backlight. That is a nice one and it names the buttons to avoid confusion,

    TV rental service companies are moving away from receivers with clocks due to Internet computing and clock times on mobile devices. Your store MIGHT (knock on wood) be able to exchange your World Box with no clock for a box with a clock. which should have the older guide. Are you in a former TWC/ Brighthouse Networks market or legacy Charter market. Please note that if you get a box with a clock on it, and you have DVR service, you will move from 4-tuners back down to 2-tuners, This means the number of shows that your box can record at the same time..

    My recommendation would be to just try to get the older remote,

    WOW! I just researched the Community Forum and found out that we had this similar situation with another customer last year. See here:

    The EXIT button on the new World Box remotes serves also as the DVR stop button.


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    Sorry to hear about all the trouble you are having. :( If you still want to use the new remote, here is how I'd go about doing things:

    1)To either play or stop something, use the button under the DVR button on the remote. It looks like a triangle pointing to the right next to the number 11.

    2) For a Guide Unavailable issue, I'd reboot your cable box Should take about 3-5 mins tops. To remote, you can either A) Unplug the power cord for about 15 seconds and plug it back in, or there is actually a reboot button on the box itself. The button on the box is near the bottom right hand corner and looks a bit like a recycling symbol, because its two arrows going in a circle. If you hold that down for 10 secs, the box will turning off and will then start to reboot.

    3) There is actually an option in the Guide where you can jump to a different date. You go to the Guide and push Options. Then go to Jump to Date and select whatever date you want. The Guide will then update. You will find pictures under the Guide Options, Jump To Date explanation. (https://www.spectrum.net/support/tv/spectrum-guide-spectrum2

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