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Why do I have to reboot cable box daily

MeggaliMeggali Posts: 1
in TV Equipment Sep 04, 2020

I have to reboot our cable box at least once a day because the remote control FF/pause, etc. stop working or channels we've paid for are unavailable help.


  • Julia_RJulia_R Posts: 4,287 Lead Mod
    Sep 04, 2020

    Good morning @Meggali Sorry to hear you are having these issues. Is there any pattern to when this is happening? Specific channels or does it seem to be different ones? Are you getting error messages or do the screens just go black?

    If you can share with us some additional information, your type of cable box, if you have other cable boxes that are or are not exhibiting these issues etc. All of the coaxial cables are tight? Do you have a splitter in the house?

    Hope to hear from you!


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