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in Email Sep 05, 2020

Is there anything I can do about the spam I am getting in my emails? I have blocked them and they come back. My block is full so I put them in the spam box, but they return. I have opened up the email and unsubscribed but either I am getting more or my security has blocked them. One of my emails has 26 from the same sender. Then the other 3 emails I have 9.


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    Sep 05, 2020


    I would recommend using a free for life Web Mail client, such as, Gmail, or Yahoo Mail. A much better spam blocker than Spectrum Mail. To stop the ads, the best ad blocker for email is program developer Jason Savard, email ad blocker available for all the major web browsers, Chrome, Firefox, and MS Edge..

    Go to this link in each of your ad-blockers to get Jason's email Ad Blocker:

    To stop other types of ads on the web, I no longer use Ad Block Plus. A better blocker and less strain of memory resources is Ghostery. also offered for Google Chrome,, and Microsoft Edge. Go here in each browser to get Ghostery. I would uninstall Ad Block Plus when you get Ghostery:

    Ghostery will not interfere with Jason Savard's Web mail blocker. Yahoo Mail gives "turn off your Ad Blocker" notices if you use Ad Block Plus or Ghostery. so that is why I use Jason Savared's Webmail blocker with Yahoo Mail.


  • Pearson200Pearson200 Posts: 3 ✭✭
    Sep 14, 2020

    And is it my imagination or is the amount of spam hitting the Spectrum emails has increased dramatically the past few weeks?

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    Sep 15, 2020

    Here's a screen shot of the Settings screen that illustrates how each filter can have 5 domain names.

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