Zoom and Google Hangouts problems since Hitron E31N2V1 upgrade

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In July Spectrum sent the Hitron E31N2V1 modem and Askey SAC2V1K router to me and said we had to start using it. It seems like since that "upgrade," my family has experienced problems with Zoom where we can't hear other party for 3-5 seconds and also with my kids getting disconnected from Google Hangouts while doing virtual learning for school due to COVID. This is happening on both Chromebooks and a Windows 10 laptop. We did not have these problems before the "upgrade". Per Speedtest, our download speeds are 140-220 Mbps and upload is around 11. We've had these problems using Google wifi and also when plugged into an ethernet port. We do not have problems when using wifi to browse the internet, watching YouTube or the kids are playing on their Nintendo Switch.

Spectrum technical support couldn't measure my upload speed when I called for support and a technician can't come out for 2 weeks, which is too long when your kids are having problems with school. Please let me know if you have any recommendations for a fix or a new modem I can buy.

Thank you.


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    Good morning @RyanN760 Welcome to the Spectrum Community.

    I'm sorry we aren't able to get out for that long. I don't think I have ever seen that long a wait!

    Some information you can post here Data to post to get help from your peers

    This information will help to diagnose the issues.

    Thank you!


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    You might start by replacing the router with one you can control and manage. I don't have any specific recommendations, though, other than to get something that has 802.11ac at minimum, or .11ax if you want to future proof. It's been a while since I bought a home Wi-Fi router. If you want to replace the whole thing, the Netgear CM1100 and 1200 are decent modems, but they have been known to have some issues in areas where Spectrum has turned on OFDMA upload channels. My area isn't one of those, so my CM1200 has worked well.

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    Just to rule it out... have you altered your DNS settings at all?

    Only ask because I have seen weird behavior like this linked to some providers that cache heavily like Cloudflare and such.

    Sometimes the client gets set to point at the router when addresses are automatically assigned, and this causes weird behavior at times as well. Setting the client manually to point to Spectrum may smoothen such issues out.

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    Sep 19, 2020

    No, I have not altered my DNS settings or at least not that I know of. I have no knowledge in this area so I don't try to make any changes. The Spectrum guy did come out and found that part of the cable wire was damaged so he repaired it. Even after that, my 2 kids who are on Chromebooks are still having problems with their virtual classes. They didn't have these problems when using the same Chromebooks before our modem was upgraded. It could be that the new modem is not the issue, but that's the only potential issue I can think of.

    Thank you everyone for the recommendations.

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