Account Has Been Confirmed, Yet I Cannot Log In

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When I log-in at it takes me to a "Confirm Your Account" page. From there I enter my credentials, get a verification code from Spectrum, enter the verification code on the web page, then get a "Reset Your Password" page loads.

My intention was to log in, not change my password. If I go ahead and change the password, and try to sign in, the above sequence starts over again. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong.

I do have three Spectrum accounts, one for my home, one I set up for my parents, and one I set up for a daughter away at college. Could that be confusing the system? All three accounts have different user names,.


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    Sep 06, 2020

    I am confused by your third paragraph. It was my understanding that for any any given account there can be only one “master” account login. You can create multiple email accounts but these are for email only, they do not have access to things like billing and modifying services. Maybe I am wrong about this, but that is the way it has always worked for me.

    If you are trying to log into your main account using one of the email accounts I would think that that could cause some confusion. But you should have one account linked with your bill that you should be able to use to do administrative things like bill paying. If that account is stuck in a loop you will most likely have to call and get it sorted out.

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