Will I still be charged $199 for upgrade to 1 Gig if the technician says my home cannot support it?

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Has anyone tried to upgrade to 1Gig only to learn from the technician that your home cannot support it? Did you still have to pay $199 for the upgrade service even though you cannot get the service?

I inquired about it and I was told that if the technician says I can't have 1Gig, I have to call Spectrum and request for a high dollar credit that a manager would ultimately decided whether I get credit or not.

That seems unethical. If I cannot have it, why would I pay for an upgrade fee.


  • Tyleen_ZTyleen_Z Posts: 353 ✭✭✭✭
    Sep 17, 2020

    Hello, typically speaking if the install was not done you won't get charged for the install.


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