No transfer from old TWC forums to Spectrum forums

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I posted for some time on the old TWC forums (, had possibly the longest thread in the history of the forum, plus responded to numerous other posts in the Connectivity forum and a little in others as well. I received a number of "badges" for numbers of responses, etc.

Now my profile has been moved to the newer forums, but many of my badges are gone, posts are gone, responses are gone. Was none of the TWC forums migrated?



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    Looks like some are updating as you cross a new threshold or something... doubt I've had enough activity since the redesign for some of the badges I have showing on my profile now.

    500 comments, multiple anniversary badges, 100 and then 250 likes (which was earned on 8/30) etc.

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    Sep 18, 2020

    Yes, it's all pretty confused. My profile says I have 274 comments, I have a badge for 100 comments. 6 discussions, so clearly not counting anything from the old forums. I'm a Contributor, whatever that is.... whatever I was on TWC is gone.

    More importantly, all the threads I was involved in including my own, on the TWC forums, are gone. There was a lot of good info I received that I referenced through comments I had received, and my bookmarks are all dead now.

    Must be progress at work..................................................................................🤔

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    Sep 18, 2020

    Sup all?

    Maybe the new software was not able to transfer over everything. Some things carried over, but some didn't. Maybe @James_M will have additional information about what transferred and what did not?

    @glenvee If the new software allows it, what would be for example three things that should be brought back to the new Forum Community? I don't think system design will allow everything to return though. But overall, I think this layout is better than the old one.


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    @glenvee ,

    Thanks for the question. Content was imported from the former site including log in credentials, profiles, posts and badges. If you go to your profile, you will see Discussions and Comments. Discussions are questions you have asked. Comments include any responses to other member posts. Scroll to the bottom to see your badges.

    Your most recent Discussion is Changing services on a legacy TWC account, from October 2019. Before 2019 there was no activity by you for over 2 years. Generally, any post that is more than 2 years old is archived unless it remains relevant or has content that is useful to other members. Members are not able to access archived content.

    For a full recap of changes and updates to the Community, please check out our Welcome Message.

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