Best modem to get that does NOT have a Puma chip in it

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in Connectivity Sep 18, 2020

Looking for suggestions on what modem to buy (I currently have the 200MB download plan, but could change it to something higher at some point down the road). I want something that does NOT have the Intel Puma issue ( and was wondering for suggestions on better ones to get.

I have upgraded almost everything in my house so far except for my router (Linksys WRT1900ACV2) and the cable modem which is the Arris TMI1602. After talking in some network groups regarding issues with streaming and wifi calling, without even asking what kind of internet modem I had they all said that it sounded like I had cable internet with a Intel Puma chip modem to which I do have.

Since my local store does not have any DOCSIS 3.1 modems and they do not known when and if they will ever get them in, nor can they guarantee that if they order one for me that it will be a DOCSIS 3.1 modem and not the same ARRIS TMI1602 modem that I currently have, i think that my best bet is to buy my own.


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    Sep 18, 2020

    The Netgear CM500 has been a pretty solid modem for many... 16 channels downstream, which is technically on their list to the 400mbps tier. But if you are considering a move to 400, their CM600 may be a better fit (24 downstream channels).

    I have both, and they have held up well at the 60/100/200 tiers. Just be aware that the 600's included wall wart power supplies tend to fizzle out more frequently. Can find replacements easily enough and all... just a bit of a thorn in the side for that model.

    If you are holding out for the "Gig" tier though, best to hold off getting that 3.1 level of modem until you are ready to make that move, and do it using THEIR modem first until you are SURE the lines and all are stabilzed. Some markets are not fairing too well in the customer owned camp yet at that tier. We have seen one modem come and go from the approved list multiple times now. Going with their hardware up front will avoid a lot of the finger pointing that sometimes happens while flushing out the potential pitfalls at that tier.

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