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Cloud DVR is not recording the full show

Steve_RSteve_R Posts: 1
in TV Equipment Sep 20, 2020

I am a brand new Spectrum customer and have now recorded several live sporting events. When I go to watch them, the entire show is not there. It doesn't matter if I use my Spectrum iPhone app, iPad app or Roku Streaming Stick at home, the full sporting event is not recorded. Only about half of the show is recorded, but if I go to "Get More Info" on the recorded show using the app, it says the entire sporting event is recorded.

I have seen some suggestions that watching the show while the cloud dvr is currently recording the show might mess up the entire recording? If this is the case, why is this not fixed yet? It's stupid that I can't watch a recorded show while it's actively recording without messing up the fully recorded show!

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