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Moca Adapters

CanFamCanFam Posts: 1

After seeing videos about how well moca adapters work, I installed three gocoax moca adapters in my home. At first, they all worked perfectly. However, after a day, my Spectrum modem kept going offline. I called Spectrum and they sent a tech. The tech said the signal was good at the point of entry and at the coax where modem was located. However, he said the signal dropped dramatically when moca was attached. The tech said that Spectrum doesn’t support moca anymore. I removed the moca adapters and (after getting a speed upgrade) the wifi speed (from router connected to modem) was 400+ mbps. After a few days, I couldn’t help myself and I installed the moca adapters again. At first, the speeds were 400+ mbps wired and wifi from the Spectrum modem, moca adapters and routers connected to adapters). However, after a few minutes, the max speed from the modem, adapters and routers was 95mbps. They have remained this way for the past few hours. Is there anyway to trouble shoot this? Would installing a moca filter help? Thanks.

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