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Remote Desktop setup issues

sep23sep23 Posts: 1

Has anyone been able to setup a remote desktop connection from an external IP to a pc on their home network? I'm using the Sagecom RAC2V1S router and a static external IP/DNS. I'm trying to figure this out but having issues as the RDP attempt from outside my network fails. I'm using Microsoft RDC client. I've done this successfully in the past with Verizon and Comcast albeit with a Linksys router so I fear Spectrum doesn't allow this or maybe I'm missing something.

Here is what I have. I setup the target internal PC with at static IP. Then I created an AName from hosting company's admin interface which resolves to my Spectrum External IP. Then I created a port forwarding entry mapping that external IP to the PC's static internal IP to port 3389

The current setup works within the home network so I can RDP from my laptop or an ipad into the target pc.

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks


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