Apple TV app wont work with iphone remote app

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I have a 4K Apple TV and I have the spectrum app. I’m having an issue after your recent updates on the Apple TV app. When I try to go on my iPhone and use the remote app or 10 bring my control center remote app on it gives me the option to select left right up down on my iPhone screen just like the regular remote. But when I want to change the channel on my Apple TV app from my iPhone using the Apple remote app clicking the right on the iPhone app or sliding to the right will not bring up the channel list. On the Apple TV app it states tap right but nothing happens when I do but if I use the actual remote it wouldn’t work perfectly. Before I used to be able to slide and it would work perfectly but now Spectrum has implemented a tap to the right. I have tried this on multiple different AppleTV‘s and they all are acting the same way on the newer firmware that you guys have rolled out.

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