Spectrum TV App Buffers on Chromecast

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I have the Spectrum TV App for iOS and it plays fine when I use it on my iPad or iPhone without buffering. However once I use Chromecast it will buffer ever few minutes. I had switched to this setup because the Spectrum TV app on Xbox One buffers even more often and is pretty much unusable.

I’ve already tried resetting my modem and router and have followed all of the steps, such as uninstall the app, etc.

I’ve done multiple speed tests when the issue occurs and when I use the speed test on your site the download was constantly over 200 mbps with about 20 mbps upload. So, I find it hard to believe that it is internet speed.

I’ve also tried from my laptop from the Spectrum website and had the same issue when using Chromecast.

All my other streaming apps do not have this issue when using Chromecast (HBOMax, Disney+, Netflix). I had used Hulu with Live TV and the package with pretty much all the same channels and never had buffering issues with that service. I had Spectrum for Internet with the same equipment and speed at the time. So, it seems like it is the app / website or infrastructure.

At this point unless anyone has a magic bullet that I haven’t thought about I’m planning to cancel the Spectrum TV service and go back to Hulu. Was hoping this would work, but I want to be able to watch sports without constant buffering when watching on my TV.

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