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Why isn't my static IP working correctly?

PmanningPmanning Posts: 1
in Connectivity Oct 10, 2020

Hey there! Just got a gig business account open. 2-piece solution DOCSIS 3.1 to RAC. I'm having an issue understanding what's going on here. I have a static IP, 24.x.x.x, however in the RAC router it shows the public IPV4 as being different. The strange part is when I Google what my IP is it shows as the 24.x.x.x

Even stranger pinging 24.x.x.x from a computer somewhere else gets a reply back from the address that's showing up in the RAC.

Here's what I'm trying to do. I have a Fortigate firewall that I want to end up being the DMZ. What I really want to do is set the static IP info in my ASUS router. If need be I can have the RAC in-between the modem and Asus router. Even after setting the DMZ in the RAC to the Asus and from the Asus to the Fortigate I still get the same ping responce.

It works if I connect the Asus router directly to the modem and set it to dynamic but my static settings won't connect (power cycling the modem each time I change devices). In this state googling what my IP shows as is consistent with what the router is assigned, however it's dynamic only.

Does spectrum do some sort of virtual static IP that associates with a dynamic ip? Would really like to have incoming requests on my static IP to end up at the Fortigate. Any idea of what's going on?


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