Packet loss since area wide outage on 10/2

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I live in Grand Prairie TX and we had an area wide outage on 10/2/20 that lasted about 3 hours. Ever since then I've had intermittent packet loss that has been getting worse over time. Im at 25% packet loss right now and basically can't do anything other than surf the web. Video & gaming is not an option right now. It sucks because my kids rely on the internet for school and they cannot attend.

I am on "Extreme Internet" plan which is 50/5 (speed test shows 70/5) which is sufficient for my household. We only use one or two devices at a time. And I use my own SB6141 modem. I know I don't need a faster plan. The low plan has worked flawlessly for us until that outage and I'm paying $60/mo for it..

I had a technician out couple of days ago who said everything checks out and it might be my modem. Of course there was no packet loss while he was here. But I had another tech come out tonight who saw the packet loss and confirmed it is a problem is with Spectrum and not my equipment and gave me his cell # and his supervisors cell # and said they would call me with an update tomorrow.

I really hope they can get to the bottom of it quickly because my kids need a stable internet connection for school.

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    Line tech came out today and disconnected a customer that was feeding back really bad noise. That was 3 hours ago. Haven't had a single packet lost since. Fingers crossed but I think that was it.


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    Welcome to the Spectrum Community.

    Sounds like you are in good hands. Please let us know how it goes!


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    @AdamH2020 Glad to hear it!


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