Upload speeds drop to near nothing every 10 seconds

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I have 400/20 service which equals to about 50MB/s DL and about 2.5MB/s UP.

Starting a couple days ago, I tried to upload something to wetransfer, and the speed was absolutly horrible. I looked at my pfSense router and found that my upload (only the upload) was dropping to near nothing (<300kb/s) then after a couple seconds, back up to a reasonable 2.5MB/s

See BLUE LAN graphs below. Blue is upload on LAN.

I have talked to two reps online from spectrum who tried resetting the modem, and "reprovision hits?". I also have restarted my router and pretty much everything I could and nothing helps. Its not just on wetransfer though. Its any time I upload anything. Uploading to my webserver does the same thing.

I didnt change anything before this started happening. The last resort the techs could find was to switch out my modem at my local Spectrum store.

My modem is a Hitron E31N2V1 acting as MODEM ONLY. Router is seperate (pfSense)

Do any of you have any suggestions? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Oct 18, 2020

    Heidi_Osborne, since you cannot get into your modem, there is little we can look at. Please try this: please test your speed using www.nperf.com. You can select your server, so try several and see if you can see a difference. I think you really need to contact your ISP and have a tech make some measurements at your home. Since the modem is ISP supplied, you could try a new on and see if anything changes. Good luck and enjoy, John.

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    Greetings Heidi - sorry to hear you are having upload speed issues. The Spectrum techs can tell you over the phone if they see any upstream signal issues on the Hitron , if there are any T3 or T4 errors in the modem log or any "uncorrectable errors" incrementing .

    They can also schedule an onsite trouble call to help resolve the issue without you having to swap anything at the local Spectrum store.

    Pending your service appointment you can also connect a pc direct to the modem (bypassing the pfSense) and assess if you have the same issues.

    Please let us know if they detect any T3/T4 errors in the modem log or uncorrectables and how it goes after the service appointment.

    MisterJ does an exemplary job of helping many folks in these forums and seems to prefer nperf for speed tests. There is nothing wrong with that, everybody seems to have a favorite test. However, keep in mind that none of the online speed tests are super accurate and they are even less accurate when your modem is experiencing variable signal issues and errors (often caused by cabling related gremlins).

    A quick recap of some of the common speed tests out there so you can test/assess for yourself:


    On a google page search "speed test" and click the blue "run speed test button"

    Google works with a group called Mlab or Measurement lab.

    You can run their "Mlab test" directly at https://speed.measurementlab.net/#/

    Some folks use speedtest.net


    You will often get varying results between using the web version of speedtest.net versus downloading their desktop app and running the test from there.

    To get a balanced perspective on the variability and accuracy of the popular speed test sites on the internet - you can also try a few of these:




    Overall , main focus is to get your baseline modem signals stable and reliable.

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