Does the Sagemcom SAC2V2S have 2.4 GHz and 5GHz? How do I turn them on?

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in Connectivity Oct 21, 2020
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    Add me to the list. You cannot split and show separate choices for 5GHz and 2.4GHz on this router. I have approximately $200+ in "smart" devices designed for operation in the 2.4 range only therefore requiring the ability to specify/choose what goes 2.4 and what I want on 5GHz. The router does not keep the connection in 2.4 so my smart devices are essentially unusable. This would have been nice to know before the change Spectrum asked me to make to the SAC2V2S.

    It would appear that Spectrum did not anticipate this in its testing; backwards compatibility with 2.4GHz devices when it chose the SAC2V2S router in its current configuration. Tech Support has basically said "so sorry" and "good luck finding an answer" which is not an acceptable answer for a technology provider like Spectrum. No Tech Support notes, no application notes and NO suggested WiFi router alternatives that I should purchase to resolve the issue.. I am now going to have to acquire my own WiFi router solution to resolve the situation which I really shouldn't need to do given Spectrum's marketing as a technology provider. If asked, I will not recommend Spectrum as a solution going forward based on this experience.

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    Oct 21, 2020

    I am having the same issue. I have smart home products that require 2.4ghz wifi network and I can't get them to connect to the new router. If I would have known I would never have returned by old router after I moved.

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    Oct 22, 2020


    The SAC2V2S router does have both 2G and 5G enabled, but it doesn't differentiate between them in the network name so that devices that are capable of using both networks can switch between them depending on which has the better signal in the home or if one is out of range without you having to manually swap networks. If the device is only capable of using the 2G it will automatically connect to the 2G network without any setup on your end.

    Unfortunately there is not a way to change this unless you purchase your own router.


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    Nov 05, 2020

    well the router must not do a good job of assigning devices that need a 2.4 ghz network to the proper one, or mine has issues. I have tried 6 devices with no luck

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    Nov 05, 2020

    Good morning.

    We have heard that some smart devices do have difficulty with this router, and other devices with different routers. You may want to look into swapping that out, or purchasing one recommended by the manufacturer of the devices with the difficulty connecting. While this router works great for most homes, like any other equipment it does not suit everyone's needs.


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