suddenly connecting is slow

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Basic issue is: as of Wednesday, 21 Oct., night around 11pm CDT in Austin, all devices, ipads, computers, roku,,etc; are experiencing slow connection setup. Once a connection is established full b/w is available, streaming on Spectrum app on Roku is clean, web page loading from cached connections also fast. Trying to host zoom webinars and meetings is iffy with the current situation.

I have Ubiquiti USG-3P router (f/w with 6 US-8, 2 UAP-AC-Lite, and 2 UAP-Pro (all on f/w The USG is connected to Spectrum cable modem (in bridge mode). in Austin w/200 down/10 up.

I assumed it was something in the Spectrum network but they report nothing happening. I have had made no changes to the LAN in months. I upgraded to the current firmwares on all network devices and restarted all of them. No change, connection setup still remains slow.

Spectrum tech came and did basic circuit check of modem to the head-end which showed no problems.

Speed tests show expected up/down speeds when they run, sometimes failing to make up or down test connections or taking considerable time to find best server and such.

If I run NordVPN on a device like iPad or desktop then performance is as it used to be. So this is bypassing USG and Spectrum except at lower layers of network.which seems to point to something happening in the Spectrum network.

Using browser inspectors on Chrome, Safari, and FF all indicate slow initial connections - 3 - 5 secs versus a few hundred msecs over vpn. DNS isn't an issue since it resolves through USG in ~1-20 msec setup w/ Spectrum public dns servers.

All various Roku apps, in particular Spectrum TV app, insist Roku isn't connected to internet on app launch but selecting "proceed anyway" usually works with streaming happening eventually. Switching between channels in the Pectrum app takes longer than previously..

Also local connects on the LAN such as to Plex on a sever or to the desktops via VNC, and to the network controller server work fine so the integrity of the LAN is fine.

This is driving me nuts!

Help appreciated.


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    Spectrum fixed their problem overnight. All was well this morning by around 5:30am in Austin.

    It would have been really nice if they'd told me when I contacted them that they were working on a problem in this area. As it was I spent 4 days of my time trying to troubleshoot what had gone wrong on my end!

    Consider this issue closed


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    Here are screenshots of FF loading without vpn

    and with vpn:

    this should illustrate the comments above

    The same sort of behavior is seen across devices throughout the lan.

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    Oct 29, 2020

    Very glad to hear things have been resolved!


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