Why cant I block caller ID from my iphone anymore?

MonalinaMonalina Posts: 1
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I’ve always been able to block/unblock my caller ID from the settings of my iphone (Settings> Phone > block caller ID).

Now that I’ve started a trial with Spectrum that option is gone. I chatted with a rep who advised me only they can make this change. This is really disappointing to have a what was an easily accessable feature taken away by switching. Im still on a trial with Spectrum so I may go back to ATT.

I really hope Spectrum can add this feautre. I am curious if there is a reason they dont have it or if they disigned it like this on purpose.


  • James_MJames_M Posts: 2,459 ADMIN
    Oct 28, 2020

    Thanks for the feedback, we will pass it along.

  • MountainSlideMountainSlide Posts: 1
    Nov 13, 2020

    So, HOW can I hide/unhide my Caller ID with Spectrum Mobile?

  • Julia_RJulia_R Posts: 4,414 Lead Mod
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    *67 works on both cellular and landlines. Edited to say that this is per call, so if you do want some to see that Caller ID they can.


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