trying to get spectrum tv on my Mac book air,

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trying to watch spectrum tv on my MacBook Air


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    Hello and welcome to the Spectrum Community. You can go here to watch Spectrum TV on your computer.


    EDIT: I have fixed my link. My apologies.

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    Oct 30, 2020


    Seems that @Tyleen_Z 's link doesn't work but try this:

    1.) Log into your account here:

    2.) You might get a quick 3 step tutorial pop-up, briefly showing how to get to your Spectrum Services.

    3.) Select "Services"

    4.) Go down to the bottom of the page to select "Live TV."

    5.) You will be taken to a page for several options, including an Online Guide, Searching, DVR Management and more.


    1.) Some Spectrum boxes may not fully support Remote Access Programing.

    2.) New box installs may take up to 72 hours to connect with remote Spectrum services. Usually access is complete within 48 hours.

    3.) DVR service is required for Remote DVR functions

    4.) You MUST subscribe to the service level/channels in your main package to be able to access the remote functionality for channels and programs on web and supported Spectrum mobile devices.


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