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Cloud DVR functions

bdj964bdj964 Posts: 2 ✭✭
edited December 2020 in Cloud DVR Nov 01, 2020

Will the app on any of the platforms ever have standard DVR capability such as:

Rewind on current show you are watching (without having to have started recording). We don't always watch recorded events (e.g. the news) and sometimes we miss something we want to see again. Our old DVRs always kept track of the current show we were watching and would allow us to rewind and even record from the beginning...if we had started watching the show and not switched channels.

30 sec skip forward

Thumbnails on fast forward

Flexible views of recorded programs e.g. by date recorded


  • DWallDWall Posts: 11 ✭✭✭
    edited November 2020 Nov 11, 2020

    I have the same concerns. This was sold to me as a replacement and improvement for Spectrum’s old, out-dated DVR box. Unfortunately pause and rewind of live TV is basic DVR functionality that is missing. Then there’s all the documented issues around ability to start watching a program that is currently recording, another basic DVR function that the cloud DVR doesn’t support (without frustrating looping and other glitches). I’m not sure why I pay for DVR service that is not working.

  • DWallDWall Posts: 11 ✭✭✭
    edited November 2020 Nov 23, 2020

    Why do the thumbnails that should appear when you try to fast forward on the cloud DVR randomly sometimes not appear or show? This makes it very difficult to effectively and efficiently use the cloud DVR to watch a recording.

  • Aswish13Aswish13 Posts: 1
    Dec 03, 2020

    Yes! Why isn’t Spectrum able to make this work. I switched from Hulu. I was able to pause and rewind live tv. I’m also upset that my Samsung smart tv doesn’t work with the cloud DVR, so I had to buy a Roku.

  • Kingsfan760Kingsfan760 Posts: 6 ✭✭✭
    Dec 17, 2020

    I have all these issues as well. I left Hulu for price and YouTubeTV because of lost channels. If they ever get the missing channels back, I'm probably going back to YouTubeTV who have an awesome Cloud DVR system. This is the worst Cloud DVR out of all the services out there...

  • Lancea3Lancea3 Posts: 2 ✭✭
    Dec 30, 2020

    Same here. We just switched from YTTV to Spectrum and loved it until my wife said how do you Pause it. I’m like oh just click here on the remote. Nothing. I can’t even comprehend not being able to pause live tv. It’s like going back 20 years or more. Hoping YTTV gets it worked out with Sinclair so we can get Fox Sports SW back and switch back.

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