42% packet loss on rr.com backbone when gaming. How to get addressed?

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I get terrible packet loss and dns timeout locally to this first connection. How can I get this resolved?


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    Nov 18, 2020

    Hello and welcome to the Spectrum Community.

    Have you tried to reset the cable modem and router? Also are you seeing the issues wired or wirelessly?


  • ocofamily2ocofamily2 Posts: 2 ✭✭
    Nov 18, 2020

    I went and bought a new router, results are still the same. I am only using wired connection. I even changed the wires.

  • Tyleen_ZTyleen_Z Posts: 353 ✭✭✭✭
    Nov 18, 2020

    Okay if you wire a computer to the modem directly and bypass the router do the issues still occur?


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    Nov 18, 2020

    Hello OCOfamily2 - sorry to hear you are having issues with packet loss while gaming.

    The information you provided was helpful. Kindly try a few options and share your observations.

    Try a few different packet loss utilities other than the one you are currently using and see if you observe the same results.

    Try temporarily disabling your local firewall and re-run the test to assess if your local devices are impacting the results.

    Before reaching conclusions about perceived packet loss - take a look at the total packets sent and received across all hops on the link. Some devices simply de prioritize packet loss test traffic - you are not necessarily losing packets .

    When you get a chance - please share the signal levels and modem logs . The issue is definitely resolvable after conducting some additional diagnostics to isolate the source of what you are observing.

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    Nov 20, 2020

    I had this issue years ago when Battlefield 4 first came out. I was on the phone with a higher tier tech and he said he wasn't seeing any packet loss. I asked him to wait for a second and I started playing BF4, he instantly saw it but it was a LEVEL3 issue and that he would have to put in a ticket with them.

    My point is, you may have to do a similar test with a Spectrum tech. Have your game ready to play while you are on the phone so they can monitor the connection and see real time. Things may have changed where they have more complete logs but that was my experience.

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    Nov 21, 2020

    Greetings Shane - thank you for sharing your experiences. Way cool you remember Battielfield4 from October 2013 ish. There can be dozens of different causes for network performance impairment with online games. Once the basics are established (modem signal in spec on RX, TX and SNR and no errors T3/T4 in logs) there are still several steps that can be taken to improve connectivity.

    Using cat 6a patch cables can help in some cases for the local LAN. Many routers will also have some gaming specific settings to help optimize the connection even if it is just rudimentary port forwarding as shown below.

    There are also a zillion 3rd party sites with tips on monitoring and optimizing settings for gaming connects

    A sampling of them - but by no means an exhaustive list:




    In general Spectrum tech support can help with issues occurring on the Spectrum network but they dont have control over congestion or performance issues on other carries segments of the backbone such as Level3 now known as Centurylink and Lumen.

    Will see how it goes when OcoFamily 2 posts the modem logs/shares more details of the impairments he is observing.

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    Lumen is the new corporate name of the telecom company formerly known as CenturyLink. Level3 is a completely separate competitor of Lumen. In addition to selling access to their large fiber-optic transport networks, Lumen and Level3 each also provides Internet eXchange Carrier (IXC) services.


    Before you go too far, some models of higher tier modems (faster than 300 Mbps) don't sync well on their first uplink burst to Spectrum's cable plant. None of the major cable TV internet operating companies guarantee packet loss or latency performance outside their own physical networks or at IXC locations. And then there's that whole Puma6 chipset fiasco.

    What speed tier of service are you paying for and what speeds does Spectrum's Ookla Speedtest show? What internet hardware are you using? What is youir DNS address?

    Connection Speeds:

    Paying for: ____ Dn, ___ Up

    Ookla says: ____ Dn, ___ Up

    Modem: Make & model?

    Router: Make & model?

    Your DNS server IP addresses: ___:___:___:___ & ___:___:___:___

    And last,

    Your ZIP Code? _____ Let's us find your Spectrum Service Center and protects your privacy.

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    Nov 23, 2020

    Greetings Karl - your insights are always welcome and appreciated. In this particular case - the clarification you offered is not correct. Level 3 became part of CenturyLink on November 1, 2017. Centurylink then re-banded to Lumen Technologies on September 14, 2020. The clarification however not entirely relevant to helping original poster with perceived packet loss.

    Will know a bit more once OcoFamily2 posts additional details.

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