SB8200 keeps rebooting

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I am having a problem with my SB8200 Rev. 4. I am using it through Spectrum and one day it just started to reboot. I’ve reset it several times but no luck. It just keeps doing it. I swapped back my old SB6183 and it works fine. I called Arris because it was still under warranty but I was able to access the status page and they said everything looked normal and there was nothing wrong. End of discussion. Today, I thought I’d give my SB8200 one more try so I did another reset, provisioned it with Spectrum and it did the same thing, it boots up then shows all upstream and downstream channels for anywhere from a minute to 5 minutes then reboots on it’s own again. It just does that over and over I then re-provisioned my 6183 and it works fine. I hate throwing the 8200 out as it wasn’t cheap but I think it’s defective. Love any input on this problem before I throw it out.



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    As this seems to be a modem issue you would need to speak with the manufacturer further about it. The logs may show fine as the connection from us is fine but there could be other things with the modem that could be having an issue that are physical issues with the modem or the power cord.


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    I already spoke with Arris about the problem and they were of no help whatsoever. Basically just said that that since I could access the status page and there were upstream and downstream channels, the modem was fine and that it was Spectrum's issue. I'll never buy an Arris again. The SB8200 lasted less than two years. The SB6183 has been very reliable though. Guess I got a lemon. The power cord is fine as I used the cord from the 8300 for the 6183 and it worked fine. The power cords are identical.

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