Where's my Spectrum TV?!

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Of all times for a technical hiccup, why is it happening during the SERIES FINALE of Supernatural?! "Where were you when the Supernatural Finale aired?" my friends will ask; And I will say, "being sullen researching the Spectrum Community discussion boards for solution to my problem."

Oh My Chuck! 😪

The Apple TV Spectrum App loaded a blue screen with message in center of the screen: "We're sorry, something didn't work quite right. Please try again later. Reference Code: ACF-9000" and a Retry button. I did a force quit and restarted my Apple TV 3 times. Then I powered off and unplugged every cord from my Apple TV, my wifi router, and my cable modem. Waited 5 mins then brought everything back online but still getting the ACF-9000 message.

I thought I could use the watch.spectrum.net website to stream everything to my web browser (Microsoft Edge) but that's not working either! It shows me the same type of error message window but this time the Reference Code is WGE-1001.

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    Nov 20, 2020

    Spectrum is having trouble tonight. It is also happening during a double overtime football game between Tulsa and Tulane.

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