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Pros and Cons of ODN Guide vs. Spectrum Guide

SatchSatch Posts: 3,991 helper
edited December 2020 in TV Equipment Dec 04, 2020

(Note that only legacy Time Warner Cable markets and legacy Brighthouse Networks run the ODN (Formerly Navigator) Guide.) To my knowledge, Spectrum Guide is not offered in Brighhouse Networks Markets yet.

Both guides have pluses and minuses. Now for this list, which is NOT exhaustive, just things off the top of my head, you will need to be a Spectrum CATV subscriber in a legacy TWC Market to understand the ODN (Navigator Guide software) or in a legacy Brighthouse Networks market.

Legacy Charter Markets run World Box, New Spectrum Guide, I-Guide, Passport, and SARA software. Legacy TWC markets run two guide systems, ODN and World Box, running Spectrum Guide.. This discussion only compares Spectrum Guide vs. ODN ( Formerly Navigator) props and cons of each software system.

ODN Navigator Pros- The guide is easier to navigate. They have the 15-minute jump ahead by holding down the Fast-Forward button you can do day advance. The Cisco 9865 and Arris 3600-M are SIX TUNER boxes, with the ability to record six shows at once without changing the channel or record five shows at once while alternately viewing a sixth show. The layout and organization of ODN is better. Spectrum Guide only has 4 tuners to record simultaneously.. Both Spectrum Guide and ODN Navigator DVR boxes each have 1TB of recording data for program storage.

ODN Navigator Cons- The B-button search does not contain all the data in the system. Searches designated as PPV Events in listings, show a search results screen with no cover art or program information. Some channels like the Hallmark Drama Channel show no programs in the B-button search database, and often no cover art when action is taken on a show's cell in the time grid by pressing the Remote Control's Info button.. If a Hallmark Drama Show has cover art on the ODN system, the data will show cover art and show information for another network showing that same episode on a different channel. Hallmark Drama Channel has no channel listings of its own in B-button keyboard search. I talk about this more in posts contained in the TV Equipment thread and the loss of Hallmark Drama Channel listings and cover art in the TV Channels and Programing thread.

Legacy SA-8300 boxes- (They ran a watered down version of the ODN Guide) - These boxes are about 15-20 years out of data hardware-wise and are noticeably slower. Although the B-button keyboard search system was Title-Based only, results returned were more reliable than the modern boxes when searching. Cover Art and advanced search functions were not available on these boxes due to hardware and memory limitations. DVR's could only hold 160GB of program data.

Spectrum Guide Remotes that come with the Spectrum Guide World Boxes are considered clunky compared to the Clikr Backlight Remotes often found with boxes running ODN. World Box remotes eat batteries faster than the other remotes. The Clickr Backlite remote will work with Spectrum Guide, World Boxes, but the Page Up/Down button has to be reprogrammed for the World Boxes. If not, all Page/Up down will do is clear the listing graphics.

World Box Poor Design Flaw- No cooling fan, you have to have strong ventilation for a World Box to prevent overheating. There is a bug where you can't delete a series if their are no forthcoming series episodes in the database.

World Box Spectrum Guide Con- Caller ID on TV for Spectrum Voice Subscribers is not out in all markets yet, yet all ODN boxes have this feature.

World Box Spectrum Guide Con- Remote DVR is not fully functionally in all areas running Spectrum Guide yet, or through the Spectrum Apps. In contrast ODN Navigator does support full Remote DVR functionality.

Please talk about and add to this list as features are added and changed over time.



  • Scott_djScott_dj Posts: 7 ✭✭✭
    Dec 04, 2020

    **Both Spectrum Guide and ODN Navigator DVR boxes each have 1TB of recording data for program storage**.

    Nice list. Does anyone know if the World Boxes (SG) can hold more recorded shows on the 1TB DVR due to possibly better advances in the compression algorithm? I saw AVC coded listed in the tech specs.

    Has anyone noticed the ridiculous level of settings for the close captioning function the Spectrum Guide models have? There's got to be 20 different options you can do with that one feature--struck me as quite odd :)

  • SatchSatch Posts: 3,991 helper
    Dec 04, 2020

    Hi Scott,

    No. All the modern DVR's are 1TB storage units. The only differences are the tuners. It is almost impossible to get a six tuner box now, except if you are in legacy Brighthouse Networks territory. It's 2 tuners for clock boxes and 4 tuners for non-clock (World Boxes.) DVR's.

    Not sure on Closed-Captioning settings for Spectrum Guide features. Is there a quick way to get to them on Spectrum Guide? With ODN and a legacy remote, just press the A button and CC settings for on/off toggle are right there.


  • kbennett65kbennett65 Posts: 4 ✭✭
    Dec 17, 2020

    I have had the same 2 tuner Motorola box for probably 4 years now. As far as I know that's still the only box available in my area and mine still works so I haven't bothered changing it out. I really dislike only having 2 tuners available but on the plus side my World book DVR expansion drive works with it so I can store a ton of stuff on the DVR. It amazes me that Spectrum can't come up with better equipment though. Competing cable companies have more updated equipment so I don't understand why Spectrum is so far behind the curve there.

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