Packet loss while hard wired to PC

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in Connectivity Dec 08, 2020
This discussion was created from comments split from: 42% packet loss on backbone when gaming. How to get addressed?.


  • moynimoyni Posts: 2
    Dec 08, 2020

    Have you seen any resolution to this? I am experiencing the same issue with my PC which is hardwired directly into the provided all-in-one modem/router. The first hop is having insane packet loss which seems to spike pretty heavily later in the day. Makes playing some games near impossible.

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    Dec 08, 2020

    Hello Moyni - sorry to hear you are having service issues. The first hop "packet loss" reported by utilities like pingplotter is not really packet loss and can be safely ignored.

    A more detailed explanation is included from the author of the pingplotter utility on website listed below. They include an option to turn off/ignore the first hop loss stats as folks will often interpret it as insane loss/horrible loss as seen in this thread.

    There are lots of steps you can take to improve your connection for gaming. Would need more details ie what modem/service plan you currently have/ modem signal page and modem log if available.

    Initial hop(s) 100% packet loss


    Why does hop 1 (or any number of initial hops) lose packets 100% of the time?


    Often your local router/modem just doesn't respond to ICMP requests (more specifically, it doesn't create ICMP TTL Expired packets). This happens pretty regularly with cable modems and doesn't necessarily mean there is any kind of failure.

    You might see a related picture if you have a local device (router/firewall) on your network that does respond at hop 1, and the next hop is the cable modem: hop 1 looks fine, but hop 2 is blank. This is the same issue, just with a slightly different picture because of your device at hop 1 that is responding.

    When you have a blank hop like this (hop 1, hop 2, etc) but downstream (hop 2, hop 3, etc) hops are working OK, then the loss shown at this hop doesn't indicate any issue. You aren't getting information about the router at this blank hop, but that doesn't mean there's a problem - it just means you don't know anything about that router.

    This same underlying problem might come up with slightly different symptoms. If your cable / DSL modem is showing high packet loss or latency that is not being reflected in any downstream hops, then it's likely that your modem is not treating ICMP packets the same as others. Often this will show up with hop 1 looking fine, but if you start PingPlotter (Pro or multiple instances of Standard) and trace to multiple targets, one of these targets will always drop packets (they might alternate).

    A lot of consumer modems/routers are configured to only respond to a certain amount of timed out ICMP requests within a certain timeframe, too. If these devices start to see requests come in at a more frequent rate (if you’ve got a lower trace interval, or if you’re running multiple traces), then the device may start to down-prioritize those requests - which will show up as packet loss at that hop.

    For PingPlotter v4 users:

    If you have this happening, you can ignore the initial hops that are timing out using the "View/Ignore first hop(s)" option. This option is also useful if you want to hide information in the first few hops. Maybe your DSL modem or Cable modem's IP is showing up and you want to hide that before you send the data to someone for review. Temporarily change this setting, then take a picture, then change it back.

  • moynimoyni Posts: 2
    Dec 09, 2020

    Thank you for that response Lake, however I would still like to address the large ping spike I am recieving. It is fairly obvious (I will need to let PingPlotter run for a few hours to gather a large graph) that significant ping increases are happening during peak hours. I have lived at this location for nearly a year and this is the first time I have noticed something like this happening.

  • Lake802Lake802 Posts: 81 ✭✭✭✭
    Dec 10, 2020

    Greetings Moyni - frustrating when things not working as expected completely understandable. Kindly post your make, model of modem, speed tier you are subscribed to, modem signal levels and modem log. Issue is definitely resolvable. Many good folks on these forums will be able to share insights and help once you post more details.

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