Beefed up Silver Package/Digi Tier 1 Madison, WI

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Because of the impact of COVID I had reduced my cable subscription down to the Select package back in April. Yesterday I added Digital Tier 1 and was very surprised at the additions. Since I don't keep a paper copy of Spectrum's channel lineup I am unsure of the exact additions.

Does the list below accurately reflect the additions (since Spring of 2020) to Digital Tier one?

VICE HD , American Heroes Channel, Science Channel, BBC World News, NBA TV, National Geographic Wild, Discovery Life, CBS Sports Network, Black News Channel, Hallmark Drama.

As currently constructed doesn't seem there'd be alot of incentive to upgrade to Tier 2/Gold save for Starz or Pac 12 fans?.

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    Hello @ItsTVTime ,

    The Silver plan IMHO is Spectrum's best TV value. A $30 savings over the Gold plan with all the channels that people need. The Silver plan used to include Cinemax, along with HBO and Showtime, but AT&T, the new owners of HBO/Cinemax, wanted too much money for Cinemax to keep it in the Silver plan. Cinemax is now Ala-carte only..

    Some channels are or have already been moved from Gold to Silver because there are more subs on Silver than Gold. Silver is Spectrum's most popular plan. Unless you really can afford it, and are a huge, huge sports fan, I agree with you, there doesn't seem to be an incentive to subscribe to Gold anymore. Unless you are a new customer and get half-off deals. But after the promo of traditionally one year ends, the price of Gold will go up more than the Sliver plan, because they have all that Sports Programing, and Sports Programing for any TV rental provider is the most expensive to charge,



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