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How to get voicemails without Mobile Data on?

CosmosLanceCosmosLance Posts: 2 ✭✭
in Spectrum Mobile Dec 16, 2020

I only get voicemail notifications if I turn on Mobile Data then hit Refresh in the visual voicemail app. Even if Wifi is on but Mobile Data is off, I won't get any notifications.

I keep Mobile Data off a lot to stay under a data allowance, for lower bills.

Is there a way to get voicemail notifications without Mobile Data on?

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy 9-Plus.


Accepted Answers

  • Anthony_VAnthony_V Posts: 21 ✭✭✭✭
    Dec 16, 2020 Accepted Answer


    Mobile data does need to be active in order to receive notifications or check voicemail messages, the app does not receive these through wifi.

  • James_MJames_M Posts: 2,659 ADMIN
    edited December 2020 Dec 17, 2020 Accepted Answer


    Thanks for the feedback. Our product teams do scan the Community for feedback and comments about our services. I will also forward your suggestion to them directly.


  • CosmosLanceCosmosLance Posts: 2 ✭✭
    Dec 17, 2020

    Thanks Anthony. I wish there was a way to be notified without mobile data or wifi on, like with old dial-in voicemail notifiers. My old flip phone (LG on Verizon) would notify me of voicemails with both off as it was not a smartphone. I guess I'll have to find a way to forward this request to Spectrum Mobile's Product Management group. Thanks again.

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