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Since I decided to get Spectrum's modem and router for the first time in 18 years I see that I can no longer use my domain name to get into any of my computers from anywhere in the world with RealVNC. Setting up Port Forwarding works fine as long as I'm home on the network of course but I can no longer get in from outside. This is a real pain. What can I do to get this service back? The router is the RAC2V1K The modem is an EN2251 Hitron.




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    Have you tried reaching out to RealVNC directly? They would likely have the instructions you need to set up their service on your updated network.

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    Greetings Frankfer - sorry to hear you are having access issues with VNC.

    As you might imagine - things have changed substantialiall with VNC over the 18 year span that you mentioned.

    There are enterprise and cloud connect options the exist for VNC now that were not there previously. Those options highlighted here.

    In general, to simplify remote access to some resources on your local device from the internet , you may find it helpful to activate DDNS (dynamic dns service)

    An over view of options that others have used to successfully connect with VNC listed here:

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    Thank you both for replying but I'm almost certain the trouble isn't with VNC. I believe strongly it's the modem and router or one of the two. I tried Remote Desktop as well. I can get past the router and modem using a the old setup of an Arris modem and Asus router.

    I downloaded the latest version of VNC Enterprise Server for the computer I'm trying to get to, downloaded VNC Viewer for the computer I'm using to connect, manually updated my IP address for my domain, and finally, tried using the IP address instead of the domain name, and in no cases did I receive a response. The connecting computer just reports that it timed out waiting for a response..

    I had been having a problem staying connected to the internet. The Arris modem and Asus router had only been in place for about 15 months but Spectrum no longer supported either product and we were SICK of getting disconnected every 15 minutes. It was a guaranteed 4 minute wait to get reconnected, otherwise I would still be using the old setup.

    So, 10:00 local I could VNC into any computer behind the firewall. At 11:00 after I drove to Spectrum and got their combination of a Router and a modem I could no longer use VNC.

    Really bummed out over this...


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    Hi James and Lake802,

    This the second reply just in case me not seeing my first one means it is really gone...

    I had been having trouble staying connected to the internet when I was using the Arris modem and Asus router. That Friday morning I had had enough and drove down to the Spectrum office to pick up a new modem and router. According to the Spectrum list of supported and non-supported hardware, mine finally made it over to the "non-supported" side. About every 15 minutes we got disconnected and it was a full 4 or 5 minutes to reconnect. However, even amidst all of the trouble, I could use VNC to do whatever I wanted. The minute the new equipment was in place that fun was stopped.

    I downloaded the latest versions of VNC Enterprise for both computers I'm using. Also, I updated my IP address on the host website to be sure the domain name and IP address were married.

    Everything I do results in the same thing; "Timeout waiting for the host computer to respond."

    I am just out of things to try and wonder if there's something in the router or modem that needs to be changed. Without the ability to connect to either one to modify parameters related to this I see no way to experiment for troubleshooting and it really stinks. After all, it's not like I can hurt Spectrum by doing so but I also can see your point of view in that if any jake-leg and their brother had access they could mess up their setup and be knocked off of the net only to end up wasting your time trying to talk them through a fix.

    Surely this is the same for everybody, right? I can't be the only one who suddenly can't remote in.

    Thank you,


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    I'm sorry but I think that the only DNS parameter to modify doesn't do what I need. It says it's used for blocking selected websites from my network.


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    Your best bet is to turn that RAC2V1K back into Spectrum and get your own Router that has more and better configuration options. Plus you will save a whole $5 per month by providing your own wifi

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    I see that cloud access allows access you were talking about Lake802. I was putting off that method as I really need direct access. I'll work with this a while and try to love it. I purchased a license for 3 computers. I'll try it for a year and see. Thanks so much.


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    You might be right Rocketjetz - Like I said, this is the FIRST time I've ever used Spectrum's stuff.. I will admit, works so well I hesitate. It's not had a single hiccup since I put it in. I mean, perfect. Fast...did I mention perfect and fast? Lol -

    I don't know how this cloud-based VNC works but after testing it for the last hour I'm impressed. It's direct-connected. Gotta be. The latency is less than 500ms. so it's going to stay for a while.

    Thanks very much for your input!

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