Can't run games without turning wifi on/off

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We've had spectrum gig for 3 months now. For the last month, both my husband and i have experienced issues trying to run games from mobile devices.

If you run them w/cellular data, there's no problem

If you run them w/wifi, sometimes they launch and sometimes they don't.

When they don't launch, if you turn wifi off/on on the device, it will usually launch.

This is what the logs look like when opening a game on my tablet:

And after the successful connection, the game launched just fine.

We are having other issues as well (being dropped from meetings when we're on our work pcs) but this is the easiest one to describe

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    Dec 23, 2020

    The error message . During setup of your router did you alter the DNS IP addresses? The Spectrum DNS servers at & 62 & 63 are the only ones located inside Spectrum's network. All other DNS sites can only be accessed by going outside Spectrum to the web through an Internet Exchange Carrier (IXC) . Every IXC adds data delays and jitter which degrade gaming performance far more than typical data exchanges..

    If you have changed the DNS addresses, change them back to get increased up and download speeds and better overall performance. Then advise your gaming provider that there seems to be a network problem between Spectrum's IXC and the gaming server farm.

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    Dec 23, 2020

    It looks like the router is set to obtain DNS automatically. I'll change the settings to point to the ones you specified.

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    So I've changed the DNS settings here:

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    But my router settings page still shows this:

    ...and the issue is still occurring.

    I'm not sure what the router model is, but the bottom of the page says "2005 - 2020 © Sagemcom Broadband SAS. All Rights Reserved"

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    Good afternoon all!

    Just a quick reminder not to include private information in your public posts!

    Hope you are all having a great holiday season!


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    Dec 23, 2020

    Okay, so I changed the DNS on the DHCP page, but the router settings main page shows different DNS servers. Is there another place I should be changing these?

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    Dec 26, 2020 Accepted Answer

    Well, after googling like crazy, the "fix" that has worked for me was to turn off IPv6. Don't know why that works, but it does.

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