Extremely Frustrated With Intermittent Issues

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums. I've been having issues with my Spectrum services for a very long time now, I currently have Phone and Net. My net has intermittent issues daily both my hardwired pc and Wifi and sometimes when I'm on the phone when people are talking it breaks up or they can't hear me. The modem has been swapped out more times than I can count and I've had numerous techs come out to my house including field supervisors and the problem isn't fixed still. The modem is showing several T3 timeouts(Event ID: 82000200) and TLV-11 - Illegal Set operation failed(Event ID: 73040200) errors the past week or so.

When I'm playing an online game or Streaming a movie it's pretty noticeable. When this happens I normally log off the game or stop the movie and do a ping test and there's often timeouts and high ms hops of over 200ms. For example.. I'll get 16 hops that are 15-25ms and then I'll get a timeout and then a few more normal hops and then 200ms. Then 15 hops are 15-25ms and then a timeout or just several high ms hops of 170-250ms or one or two hops that are timeouts. Sometimes it can go a decent amount of time where there's just normal hops of 15-25ms and only a spike here or there but constantly throughout the day there's bad issues as mentioned above.

Awhile ago one of the techs went up into the attic and sealed off most of the house due to the heavy amount of ingress that was happening. When they looked at the cable line that runs to the modem they chopped off about a foot of cable off because it was black. A couple people I talked to that work in the field said that the person who came out should have ran a new cable wire from the tap to the modem instead of just chopped off a portion of the cable all things considered. Recently another tech came out that replaced the cable wire from the tap to the attic because he saw there was an issue with it. Unfortunately after that and another modem swap there's still issues. So basically line from the attic to the modem is still the old wire and I'm thinking that may be the problem..

I did have cable /w a DVR box at one point but I would sometimes get macroblocking and other issues so I got rid of it.

This has been happening for such a long time.. it's just so extremely frustrating. I just want the service I'm paying for to work the way it's supposed to. This is the only internet provider I can get in my area so it's either this or nothing..☹️

Any suggestions?

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    the problem is the modem itself..... Have Spectrum replace it with something newer. The TG1682G is a Puma 6 modem that has known issues like this.


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    WinterSoldier, please give some screenshots of your signal levels, eventlog and tell us the model of your router and modem and what service you pay for and what speed it measures. Thanks, John.

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    The model is an Arris TG1682G and I pay for up to 100 down and 10 up. Whenever I do a speedtest it seems fine. The signal levels if I'm not mistaken are okay and within range of standards.

    Signal levels for downstream and upstream

    Event log

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    Thanks, WinterSoldier. I agree that the signals look fairly good. The SNRs are a little low and all the T3 timeout errors are unacceptable. Are you expecting another service call? Good luck, John.

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    I did have a service call last night but the signals looked fine when he read the modem. Unfortunately he didn't even get the correct notes. He said he thought he was coming because the modem kept shutting off, which isn't correct.

    Often times I get mixed stories. I talked with someone today who said there's a signal issue in the area and that they'll be working on it. I've been told this same thing multiple times for over a year now and nothing seems to ever get resolved at my house. There's plenty of times where I've been told it's not an area issue and it's just a few houses near me. Or that it's just my house having the issues.... this has been going on for over a year, ya figure this would have been taken care of already. I honestly wish I could go to another company.

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    Thanks, WinterSoldier. I have little to say that might help. I will say I have a 200Mbps plan that measures 235Mbps every day and never drops, so good service is possible. I guess I should suggest you keep after them. Good luck. John.

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    Dec 31, 2020

    Greetings WinterSoldier - sorry to hear you are having ongoing service issues.

    The situation is definitely resolvable. You need to politely insist they correct the source of those T3 errors.

    Its not enough just that the RX, TX and SNR are roughly in spec.

    Would encourage you to have them correct/redo the cabling - many times it is the segment of cable that goes from the modem to the pedestal out on the street. Replace the modem with a Spectrum provided model so they can better trouble shoot /resolve issue.

    There should be no errors of any kind in the modem log after reboot.

    Please let us know how it goes after your next service visit.

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    @Lake802 The cable has been replaced from the tap to the attic, but not the old wire running from the attic to the modem. I have suggested that a few times as it might solve the issue. When I've suggested this a few times in the past all of a sudden it's not a house issue anymore, it's a signal issue for the area. I just suggested replacing the wire a couple days ago and now it's not an issue with my house anymore once again it's now an area issue. Since it's now labeled an area issue I highly doubt they are going to send out another person or replace the line.. This is like the 3rd or 4th time this has happened.. nothing gets resolved.

    The Arris TG1682G that I mentioned I have is from Spectrum. This is one of their main models.

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    I was able to locate an account with your registration information. Provided this is the correct account, there is definitely something not related directly at your home.

    There are a high number of T3 timeouts are noted in repetition and throughout the modem logs.

    Notes on the account do indicate also that they have found a plant issue that they are working to resolve and that you are going to be contacted when the problem is resolved.

    Please let us know how things progress!


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    Jan 05, 2021

    @Julia_R I do appreciate that you responded and provided some information, thank you. A field Supervisor did contact me before you posted your comment and mentioned that he would contact me again when it's resolved.

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    Yesterday 5:19pm

    What is the SNR number supposed to be for optimal performance?

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