How can I get Spectrum to upload the updated firmware to my MB-8600 modem?

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in Connectivity Jan 07, 2021

In December I purchased a new Spectrum approved Motorola MB-8600 modem. It came with two year old firmware (February 2018) and I wish to get it updated to a more recent form. I have spoken with the modem manufacturer to get them to send me their new firmware but was informed only Spectrum can provide the firmware. Motorola has sent it to Spectrum for their system.

I have spoken with Spectrum online support on a couple of occasions with a request to get Spectrum to update the modem. So far no luck. Can anyone in the community suggest how I go about getting the modem updated? I have read on other forums that if you own the modem then Spectrum will not support it and should not expect Spectrum to update its firmware. Is this true? I believe a firmware update might correct the OFDM PLC channel problems I am having. Thank you in advance for your advice.

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    There are a couple of things going on here. The biggest is, as far as I know, Spectrum has never made clear their policy on firmware updates for customer owned modems. Their general statement is they don’t support customer modems, but I have seen people post on the internet that they have gotten updates. Trouble with this is I have also seen people post that Spectrum will not update modems. As with everything on the internet you don’t know who is correct.

    The second thing is even for Spectrum owned modems updates take forever to be pushed. Spectrum does testing on updates to make sure they won’t cause problems with their system which is all good, but it seems to take forever.

    The final thing is the only way to update the firmware on a modem is through the coax. Modem owners have complained about this forever, but modem manufacturers have refused to design modems that can be upgraded any other way.

    So you are basically at the mercy of your ISP as to whether you will get an update. I should say that Spectrum is not alone here I see this complaint about other ISPs as well.

    Of course this does nothing to solve your problem, but it does kind of sum up the dilemma modem owners face.

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    Spectrum has previously suggested that they will push updates over their network to customer-owned modems which are exactly the same models that they provide to their subscribers, BUT ONLY where the older firmware version causes harm to their network, which includes telephone, cable TV, and internet services, or if the modem manufacturer warrants the new firmware and covers all costs. Since they now contract for and provide only custom-built network hardware to customers, you may be beating a dead horse.


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    Jan 07, 2021

    Thanks LGT! That's just what I needed to know. I do understand the ISP needs to maintain control of the system but wasn't sure if that went as far as keeping customer owned modems locked for firmware upgrades. I guess time will tell. ATB

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