Constant, and I mean CONSTANT internet outages

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I have had Spectrum, and Time Warner before that, since 2012. I had an issue previously with not getting the speeds I was paying for (getting 2 mbps when I was paying for 100 mbps) that took months to remedy...somewhat.

I then upgraded to 300 mbps...and was doing good for a while. Then late last year we started experiencing internet issues with us losing connectivity at all hours. I looked up to see if there was a firmware download I needed and found out that my modem/router stopped being supported in 2016...yet I was NEVER told I needed to upgrade to a new one!

So I get a new modem and router in November, get it all connected...and STILL have the internet dropping all the time. That doesn't work for me as I work from home. I have had video calls get interrupted and cut off because of it and that I absolutely CANNOT have going on!

How do I figure out what in the world is going on to resolve this? I can't keep wondering and hoping that the internet stays up when I am working. I work in healthcare and it can literally make a HUGE difference in what happens.


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    Jan 13, 2021

    Wow....not one person with any idea?

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    Jan 13, 2021

    Hi Essex,

    Have you had a tech out to check your signals and drop line? Also make sure that you have no splitters in your Internet Connection. Do you have other services from Spectrum, or just Internet. Get a tech out for sure. An equipment swap won't help if there is something in your line or node.

    Did you know you can also contact Spectrum to set up signal monitoring for your equipment, I would recommend calling Spectrum to set up signal monitoring for at least 30 days. This can help pin-point issues.

    Are the Internet and/or modem yours, or are you renting them from Spectrum? The problem is that if you own your equipment, all Spectrum can do is check your lines/ signals. A Spectrum modem will be free with your service and a router rented will be $5.00 a month. Some people like to have their own modem/router set-up, but since you have had problems with Internet connections for a long time, you might want to rent everything from Spectrum. Best guess is that when they did the 300 MB update for your area, something in your lines is not right, or something with your modem/router is not right.

    Minimally, you need a tech visit and the setting up of signal monitoring to see what is going on with the transmission coming into your home. If that gets fixed, and you still have problems, you may want to rent Internet equipment from Spectrum.


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    Jan 13, 2021

    We started off with TV and Internet with Time Warner, and soon after they became Spectrum we dropped TV and just kept the internet because it was unbelieveable too expensive...$240 a month. Then we got an Amazon Fire Stick and it TOTALLY justified ditching the TV component.

    But I've had many techs out in the past. In one year I had no less than 5 techs out to try to figure out what was going on. I've had a signal amplifier installed, all prior cabling removed from the outside where there used to be a satellite dish running into the system, 2 new and different model modems brought out by a tech (twice), and a new line run from the pole to the house...and even after all that, Spectrum just basically said "nothing more we can with it"

    The modem and WIFI unit I have now are the ones that Spectrum gave me at one of the new Spectrum stores near me. I called last week to try to talk to someone again about the constant outages in the wake of my internet going down in the middle of a ZOOM call for a job interview...which cost me getting the job...and all the rep on the phone wanted to do was simply run a test signal through the lines and said "everyuthing looks fine on our end, it must be something on your end." and left me to try to figure it out on my I know what to do. They didnm't even offer to have a tech come out, and resisted the request to have one come out by telling me if they came and didn't find anything wrong that I would be CHARGED FOR THE VISIT!!!

    It's reps like that who make me wish there was another option in my area BESIDES Spectrum.

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    Jan 14, 2021

    Greetings Essex - sorry to hear you are having ongoing service issues. Satch gave great advice in that another tech visit would be required to help resolve the issue. It is understandably frustrating when the earlier efforts did not resolve the problem. Earlier tech visits likely made good faith effort to resolve it by addressing the most common culprits (ie redoing cabling/modem swap etc).

    "Everything looks fine" can be a tad subjective since we dont know what the signal levels (rx/tx/snr) actually said, if there were any errors (T3 or T4 ) in the logs, or other sources of uncorrectables (sometimes referred to as FEC or forward error correction).

    Since you have had multiple site visits that did not resolve issue yet, would encourage you to call Spectrum , ask to speak to supervisor so they may further assist with the resolution.

    Please let us know how it goes with the escalation request and subsequent site visit.

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