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Weather Channel Showing Auburn, NE Local Information instead of local?

bill730bill730 Posts: 19 ✭✭✭
edited February 9 in Channels & Programming Feb 05, 2021

When viewing the Weather Channel through the Spectrum App, the Weather Channel recently started showing the weather for Auburn, Nebraska and I live in Smyrna, GA. Very random. Anyone else seeing this?

Fun fact: I've learned. Auburn, NE, a town of approximately 3,000 in rural Nebraska has the HD Weather Channel that's capable of being delivered through the app. While here in the "sticks" in a suburban Atlanta suburb, we still have a low resolution standard definition feed of the Weather Channel if you have a cable box, but who knows what you'll see if you use the app 🙂


  • Julia_RJulia_R Posts: 4,665 ✭✭✭✭
    Feb 05, 2021

    Good morning @bill730

    That is definitely an issue that can be corrected. I will be PMing you to get some

    additional information on your account.


  • bill730bill730 Posts: 19 ✭✭✭
    Feb 11, 2021

    It's now showing Columbia, SC, which is much closer but still 200 miles away. I was doing some searching and it looks like legacy Time Warner systems have this capability, but legacy Charter systems might not. Since I'm on a legacy Charter system, the app attempts to locate the location of the nearest legacy Time Warner system. It would be great if our system could be setup to show our local weather too. It might be an equipment issue since our headend is still using standard definition equipment for The Weather Channel.

  • nelsonjwnelsonjw Posts: 10 ✭✭✭
    Feb 15, 2021

    This happened to me as well three years ago and I see it's still an issue. I am in eastern Missouri, legacy Charter.

    Weather Channel was all local information for Overland Park, Kansas -- 250 miles west. Apparently the nearest TWC system. Spectrum "fixed" it by changing something on my account so that I got the national feed of TWC. (Local on the 8s is not localized at all.) But in doing so I also ended up getting a poor-quality ESPN feed (buffers or gets blurry often, and has no localized advertisements) and completely lost ESPNU and MLB Network from streaming.

    The basic issue seems to be that L-Charter areas don't get localized streaming versions of The Weather Channel. That is TWC-only. After 3 years it has not apparently inconvenienced enough customers for Spectrum to offer a fix.

  • bill730bill730 Posts: 19 ✭✭✭
    Feb 18, 2021

    @nelsonjw - I had seen your post from three years ago when I searched through here. Figured the same thing is happening in my area. Not sure if special technology is needed to deliver the local Weather Channel feed through the app. I would assume they would use the same process that is used to deliver local broadcast channels. The only thing odd in my area is via my cable box, the local Weather Channel feed for my area (Smyrna) is standard definition and the HD feed uses a town on the opposite end of Atlanta (Duluth). Seems like they might have older equipment at the headend for the Weather Channel as it's odd to see SD only broadcasts still around in 2021.

  • nelsonjwnelsonjw Posts: 10 ✭✭✭
    Feb 18, 2021

    Got it. Yeah, I would concur the same thing is happening in your area. Would be interested in knowing if you ever get any resolution to it. It would be nice if the Weather Channel feeds were delivered the same way as local broadcast but that doesn't seem to be the case in L-Charter markets.

    Spectrum consolidated head ends and has grouped several together for HD local info on The Weather Channel. Seems like in a lot of areas it's just one every 50-80 miles. Used to be much more localized than that but I assume it saves money this way. This was already starting 5-6 years ago as I remember when the larger city in the middle of Missouri where I lived at that time got Weather Channel HD -- but the HD local info was all for a much smaller town 30 miles northeast (but where the Charter/Spectrum "hub" for that part of the state happens to be located).

  • bill730bill730 Posts: 19 ✭✭✭
    Feb 23, 2021

    Update: after three tickets, the app is now showing the national feed instead of Columbia, SC. Still curious if I can get an answer as to why the local version that my cable box receives isn't being delivered through the app. Will see if I can get an answer.

  • bill730bill730 Posts: 19 ✭✭✭
    Mar 03, 2021

    @nelsonjw I think your theory is true. I've been going back and forth with Spectrum via Facebook messenger and they've opened some tickets to investigate. They finally got back to me today and said my location is setup to pull national by design because the local version is not available via the app. At one point they said I was seeing Columbia, SC because that's my headend location, which seems odd since it's a Legacy TWC system and I'm in a Legacy Charter area and it's also 200 miles away. I'm not even sure how they would pull in the Atlanta locals from there.

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