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Spectrum recently moved me to DOCSIS 3.1 for my Upstream.

misterjmisterj Posts: 194 ✭✭✭✭
in Connectivity Feb 21, 2021

I noticed a few days ago that the Upstream LED was now blue (Indicating DOCSIS 3.1) on my Arris SB8200 (my personal). I had wondered for months why Downstream only was DOCSIS 3.1 and US was DOCSIS 3.0. Now both are. Perhaps my, and many more, were not provisioned properly as I suspected. I have never had any problems except my US speed almost never meets specification (I think this is a local ISP network, still a little low) problem. I hope this provisioning change is really good news for many Spectrum DOCSIS 3.1 users, Enjoy, John.

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