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Spectrum TV App in Xbox series X keeps freezing when watching on demand - SOLVED

RichWiRichWi Posts: 9 Participant
edited March 2021 in Spectrum TV App Feedback for Other Devices Mar 08, 2021

The app is nearly unusable when trying to watch on demand programming when using my Xbox Series X. Many times it freezes whenever a local advertising trys to play or when you try to fast forward. Even happens sometimes while just watching the program. It freezes ALOT!

I've tried stopping and restarting the app; long press restart of Xbox Series X; uninstall/reinstall of app. Nothing seems to improve it.

Platform Version: 24.1.4

Store Version: 19.3.0

Build time: 11/16/20, 11:30 PM


Best Answer

  • Anthony_VAnthony_V Posts: 70 Moderator
    Mar 10, 2021 Accepted Answer


    I apologize for the issues, are you experiencing these problems on any other devices? Currently the Spectrum TV app has not had a version for the Series X released yet and is not currently supported, there may be issues when using the app on this device.


  • James_MJames_M Posts: 3,201 ADMIN
    Mar 09, 2021


    Freezing is typically a connection issue. When was the last time the modem was restarted?

  • RichWiRichWi Posts: 9 Participant
    Mar 09, 2021

    Hi James, I've checked connection and the xbox is showing over 400.

  • RichWiRichWi Posts: 9 Participant
    Mar 10, 2021

    Thanks Anthony. I haven't tried any other devices. My main TV runs on this app as the cost of cable boxes over top of the already very expensive service is exorbitant.

    The series x has had a spectrum app available since it's release in November. If you are saying that a version hasn't been released that specifically addresses problems with the app on series x, that is concerning. The development platform has been available for a year and as previously mentioned, on the market since November.

    Any idea when can we expect a fix?



  • James_MJames_M Posts: 3,201 ADMIN
    Mar 10, 2021


    Sorry for the confusion, I missed in the original question that you were referring to the X series. @Anthony_V is correct, the X series is not supported yet. Because the app is available on the XBox platform, you will see the app available. I included a link to platforms that are currently supported. Unfortunately, we do not have a time frame when the X series will be supported, however you can check the link for updates.

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