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PDF download problem

MikeCeMikeCe Posts: 2 ✭✭
edited March 25 in Connectivity Mar 25, 2021

Ran into something new. I attempted to download the pdf manuals for a security system from the Lorex site:

(link removed for security)

None of the manuals would download.

Instead, I got a single page with the phone numbers of Sales and Support. This happened when I tried to download and also happened if I just wanted to display in Firefox. Also failed using Chromium. Also failed using Firefox in Windows 7 (dual boot machine). Failed on multiple Linux and Windows machines in the house.

Tried pdf files from other sites and had no trouble.

My son (using Windows 10 with Adobe 1.6 installed) had no trouble downloading the pdf files correctly from his house (also on Spectrum, but with his own router) .

Asked the Lorex support id for information on this, awaiting a reply. I am sure they are a contributor to the problem in some way.

Has anyone else run into a problem like this with pdf files?

This is definitely a problem in my setup somewhere. Only thing common to all the machines that are failing seems to be the router. First thing I did was turn the firewall in the router to its lowest setting. - no change

Clock in the router was set to Central time differential. Changed to Pacific. - no change I do not know why but it continuously resets to Central time even though I am in Pacific timezone.

Rebooted the gateway. - no change

Enabled mobile hotspot on my phone, pulled the ethernet cable out of the PC forcing just wi-fi through the hotspot. - WORKS! (This would seem to blame the router.)

Using my Samsung Android tablet going wi-fi through the router - no change - still fails.

Using my Samsung Android tablet going through the phone hotspot - WORKS! (Another nail in the router's coffin.)

Just what, in a router beside the firewall could cause something like this? I have stepped through each available setting and cannot come up with a solution.

Thanks for any info that might lead me to a solution.



  • Randy_TRandy_T Posts: 32 MOD
    Mar 28, 2021

    Hi Mike!

    That is very peculiar and it would lead me to think your hunch about it being a firewall issue could be correct (but not making a firm bet yet). Have you made any changes to the router's firewall? Using a VPN? Since it is only from the one website it would seem it is something with the website and not directly with the PDF itself. This is going to be interesting to learn from and get resolved. I will dig around on this end and of course if any community members have wisdom to share... please do!


  • MikeCeMikeCe Posts: 2 ✭✭
    Mar 28, 2021

    Could you try the same Spectrum model router with this site? Software version is SGAC11003K. I don't see anywhere on it that gives me the brand/model except 'Spectrum Router'.


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