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My Spectrum app not installing Spectrum WiFi Plus network profiles

I recently upgraded from a Moto E5 (Android 8.1) to a Moto G Power (Android 10). When I used the My Spectrum app to install the WiFi Plus profiles on my E5, it would add five or six entries to my saved network profiles. When I follow the same process on my new phone, though the app tells me the profiles were installed, nothing is added to my saved network profiles.

Any thoughts on what's going wrong? Is there a way to manually add the profiles?


  • James_MJames_M Posts: 2,753 ADMIN
    edited March 30 Mar 30, 2021

    Hi @NewLexican !

    Have you tried going to settings on your device to connect to WiFi manually?

  • Rich44203Rich44203 Posts: 12 ✭✭✭
    Apr 05, 2021

    Here is what worked for me. Change your user ID and password. For the new user ID use an @charter.net name. Completely delete the My Spectrum app. Reinstall the app. Log in with new User ID and Password. Redownload the network profiles. If that STILL doesn't work. Try logging in to a different hotspot cross town. Once the phone connects to a different hotspot, the original location will often magically work. This happened to me at the hotspot at work. I could only log in to the non-plus wifi. Now it works fine.

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