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We live in Little River, South Carolina Buffering at night is a issue. Why?

PattijoPattijo Posts: 1
in Connectivity Apr 01, 2021

We have lived in Cypress Village Little River, SC 29566. We have had ongoing issues with buffering at night. Have contacted your company with a suggestion to upgrade your service infrastructure to my Community. We have many homes being constructed since I moved in my home in September of 2019.

Your original plans to this community may have been adequate in your initial construction for this community. As of today April, 1, 2021. this is not the case. Please upgrade this system ASAP> I am so tired of Booting up for service at night. Seems like my neighbors are talking about changing their service to another company.

Please consider this a question. When will you upgrade ???

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  • James_MJames_M Posts: 2,753 ADMIN
    Apr 02, 2021

    Hi @Pattijo and welcome !

    Our network infrastructure is quite robust in the areas that we serve. The issue you describe, including buffering at night, sounds more like an interference issue, or possibly a signal or equipment issue, and should be able to be resolved with some troubleshooting.

    I have a couple questions to start the process:

    1. What is your current subscribed speed and what results do you get from a Speed Test?
    2. You mentioned in your post that you are "booting up for service at night", can you elaborate and explain what you mean? Are you referencing restarting the modem or having trouble with a specific device?

    Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you!

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