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How can pixelation occurring over last 6 months be resolved?

ewhitaker777ewhitaker777 Posts: 1
in TV Equipment Apr 04, 2021

Huge pixelation issues. Happens on most channels. It seems that the issue is only related to recordings and rarely on live tv. Techs have been on site 6 times and field engineers have run laster coast from the street to my home.

Why is Spectrum having these issues and seemingly not able to resolve??


  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,034 ✭✭✭✭
    Apr 04, 2021


    1.) What have the techs said about the issues?

    2.) Have they replaced the line drop?

    3.) What about your inside wiring? How old is that? Age of your HDMI cable for example?

    4.) Is there a pattern to the pixilation more so during the day or night? Or is it random?

    5) Have others in your neighborhood experienced the same issues?

    6.) Do you have a basement? How old is the wiring there?

    7.) Although pixilation is rarely related to box problems, how old is your box? Has it been replaced?

    8.) I would recommend setting up signal monitoring for your equipment for the next 30 days. Call Spectrum, and let them know that you have had six techs out to your place, and they can't stop the channel pixilation and you would like to set up signal monitoring for your equipment,

    9.) Has the junction box on your street been checked?

    You may have an issue that is farther along than your line drop, and needs either a check of your inside wiring, or something that the field techs are missing. Signal monitoring needs to be set up to find and isolate this problem.


  • Randy_TRandy_T Posts: 32 MOD
    Apr 04, 2021

    Good morning @ewhitaker777 !

    Love Satch's list of questions and look forward to hearing your responses to them. That said, since it is mainly happening on the recordings and not live TV, my concern is the box itself. I would assume but still need to ask just in case... have they replaced your DVR equipment in the previous visits?


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