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Will the Spectrum App be available on LG TVs this year?

Purchasing a new TV this year and would like to buy the LG 65 inch CX but the App is unavailable. Prefer not to front end it with a streaming device..

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  • gpmikegpmike Posts: 2 ✭✭
    Apr 27, 2021

    I currently own a Samsung, and of course Samsung sells more TVs than other manufactures so Spectrum's decision is understandable. Unfortunate as LG with OLED has the best picture. I guess later in the year make a decision on getting the LG and foregoing Spectrum streaming or stick with the Samsung and subscribe to Spectrum Choice. Thank you.

  • Randy_TRandy_T Posts: 56 MOD
    May 02, 2021

    @gpmike can certainly understand you have choices to make. Of course I do hope you choose the Choice streaming but either way, makes sense. Thanks for asking and for the feedback (already forwarded). Have a great day!


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