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What happened to western-cowboy station - channel 6 - Los Angeles, CA? New shows are different.

magnoliaparkermagnoliaparker Posts: 1 Newcomer

What happened to western-cowboy station - channel 6 - Los Angeles, CA? New shows are different. None are like the shows earlier in the day yesterday. All westerns. Then all of a sudden instead of a western movie there was a drama of some sort. Then another drama movie. this morning Judge Mathis was on with his show. What has happened???????

We do not like this change at all.

Best Answer

  • Joey1986Joey1986 Posts: 173 Contributor
    Jun 30, 2021 Accepted Answer

    @magnoliaparker Being in the L.A. market, I know what station you’re talking about. It’s KILM (channel 64 over-the-air). E. W. Scripps, the company that owns this channel, changed its affiliation from Grit to Bounce TV. Spectrum doesn’t have any control over programming on any channel. Here is the link to contact E.W. Scripps:


  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,398 Contributor
    Jun 29, 2021


    Welcome to the Spectrum Community Forums!

    Several possibilities here for the answer to your question:

    1.) The station was a sub-channel when it was a Western station, and is now under new ownership. Showing new content under the new ownership. (The new owner might have bought-out the sub-channel Western station)

    2.) Spectrum choose not to renew the contract for the Western station and put different programing in its place. This can happen regardless of weather or not the station was a main channel or a sub-channel.

    3.) The channel was moved to a different place in your Spectrum channel guide line up.

    To help us, what are the call letters in your program guide for this channel in the LA area. A Western station? Thinking could this have been Grit TV that got removed? Do you know the name of the station now, and the name of the station that it used to be before the change?

    No changes to your level of service or cable TV package level, correct?


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