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Upgraded to 400Mbs but Router still operating as if it was 100Mbs.

AKeplingerAKeplinger Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited November 2021 in Internet 2021 Archive Jul 07, 2021

I know this may not be directly a Spectrum problem, but I'm looking for a solution, and there are limited venues. After upgrading to 400Mbs I had noted no apparent increase in my speed test results, even when using a direct lan connection to the router. A Spectrum tech came out and did verify that the connection from the modem is working at 400Mbs.

The issue is, I think, with my wireless router. The docs for the router specifically mention supporting Spectrum 400+ for WIFI and lan. There should be no problem, but there is no change.

I rebooted modem and router. I used the reset pin button on the modem, trying to get the router to reset it's connection. I've done this several times. I powered down both devices for several minutes, and used their reboot commands. I disconnected my modem from my router, then reconnected, hoping they might renegotiate the connection.

Below is a snapshot from my router's (Netgear R6900v2) admin page. It still thinks it's pumping out 100M for wifi, but it also should be delivering 1000M on the lan connection, and both are maxing out at 95Mb in the speed tests.

So, I think Spectrum is providing the data, but I need some suggestions on how to get my router to pass the new speed on.


  • James_MJames_M Posts: 3,382 ADMIN
    Jul 07, 2021

    Hi and welcome!

    A couple follow up questions:

    • What modem are you using?
    • You mention you upgraded the router, which router were you using before?
    • Are you able to verify speed on a direct connect to the modem?
  • karlbeckmankarlbeckman Posts: 2,282 Contributor
    Jul 19, 2021

    If your existing modem, your Netgear R6900v2 router, and the CAT-5e WAN interconnect cable are all Gigabit-capable, the router WAN port speed would be showing roughly 460 Mbps. I suspect you have a cable or computer ethernet interface that only works at 100 Mbps. Spectrum would have ensured their modem could operate at 400 Mbps before they signed you up for that service tier..

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