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Who is responsible for Caller ID timestamps?

CamilliLaCamilliLa Posts: 18 ✭✭✭
in Digital Phone Jul 08, 2021

I have an AT&T CL84107 phone (had it since April, 2018) and have had Spectrum Voice since Jan., 2020. My phone allows me to set its date and time manually, and it can keep the date and time synchronized by using the date/time stamp in caller ID info. [I've had the auto-synch feature turned on since before I switched to Spectrum.] About a week ago, I noticed that the date and time are way off. [It's not a time-zone or daylight saving thing; now (July 8, 2021 6:00pm), it says Feb. 23, 2020 11:43am or something like that.] I can manually set the date and time correctly and, as soon as the first call comes in, the date time change to the bogus setting. [The phone does only local time; there is no time-zone setting.] The caller ID history is full of bogus date/time stamps. [The last valid one was June 29th.]

Web searches show lots of people complaining about the same issue - with other VoIP providers.

Yes, I rebooted the VoIP adapter (MTA) and the cable modem. [I'm in the habit of rebooting the VoIP adapter because, about once a month, the phone service goes out completely (no incoming calls; no dial tone) and I have to reboot to get it back. -I have battery back-up for the phone, the VoIP adapter, the modem, and lots of other stuff.]

I reported it a few days ago via a Spectrum web page. No response. This afternoon, I called, and they insisted it can't be wrong, so it must be my phone. [They are sending me a new adapter - because mine is kind-of old.]

For now, I turned off the auto-synch. feature on the phone. [And, the most recent calls show up in the caller ID history with valid dates/times. I assume that the phone - with the auto-synch. feature turned off - ignores the date/time in the caller ID info. and uses its own clock.]

But, I assume that, like most low-cost computer equipment, the clock will drift; I'd rather have it stay in synch. automatically via what I assume is some internet-based date/time mechanism. [It's been pretty reliable on all of my computers, with various operating systems.]

Any ideas?


  • Tyleen_ZTyleen_Z Posts: 398 MOD
    Jul 09, 2021

    Hello and welcome to the Spectrum Community. The caller ID time frame information from us is based on internet information. If you turn off that feature for the phone and it works fine it seems the issue is the phone itself. I would suggest reaching out to the phone manufacturer or purchase a new home phone to see if that helps.


  • CamilliLaCamilliLa Posts: 18 ✭✭✭
    edited July 12 Jul 12, 2021

    The customer service rep. that I talked with last week suggested that we might try a new Voice adapter, and arranged for a technician to come out with it.

    A technician showed up. He said that there's no reason to try another Voice adapter because they're all the same. He rebooted the one I already had (just as I did). No change. As he was about to see what his phone displays, he realized that it doesn't display the caller ID date or time. He left having done nothing - except insisting that it must be my phone.

    After he left, I found a second phone that displays date and time from caller ID information. When connected to the same Spectrum Voice line, it displays the same wrong date and time as the other phone. If I take one of those two phones to a neigbor's house and try it on his line, the display is correct.

    It is NOT the phones. It is clearly something wrong with equipment owned by Spectrum. Beats me if the date and time are generated by the Voice adapter or if it's in the internet packets having to do with initiating a VoIP call. [I hope somebody at Spectrum understands that.] But, what other explanation can there be for two different phones connected (in turn) to my Spectrum phone line displaying the same wrong date and time, but one of the same phones connected to a neighbor's line displaying the correct date and time?

    [Yes, we had to make calls back and forth to trigger the caller ID displays.]

    [By the way, my neighbor has his own Voice adapter; not one from Spectrum.]

    This morning, I spoke with six different Spectrum reps. One insisted that it's a timezone problem that can't be changed. [What timezone would that be that is five months, three hours and 27 minutes offset from (eastern US) DST / today?]

    The fifth person I talked with (after having gone through the time-wasting voice mail system multiple times and having been put on hold and having a different rep. pick up - so I had to go through it all AGAIN), said that she just figured out that I have fiber and would forward my call to #6. Fine. [Did she originally think I was talking about cell phone service? -I've been using the term "Spectrum Voice" because that's what's on the bill and because, when I had said "VoIP", the reps. thought I was talking about video.]

    #6 checked a bunch of things and said he'd do some kind of reset and reload. I mentioned that we were talking on that line. He said he'd call me after the reload.

    After an hour, I checked the phone. Dial tone, but any number I tried got either trunk-line (fast) busy signal or just clicking noises. I rebooted the cable modem and the Voice adapter. Internet came back. Now, the phone is dead. No dial tone. Nothing. I rebooted the modem and adapter again. No change.

    I submitted a ticket on a Spectrum web page. (I think I did; one page did nothing when I clicked submit.) I did get an automated confirmation email but nothing else.

    [I did get a response to my other report that one of the two "contact us" pages has a misleading label ("business phone number") and rejects all normal forms of telephone numbers (1-nnn-nnn-nnnn; (nnn) nnn-nnnn)... I never got that to work.]

    So, we are no closer to understanding why the timestamps that Spectrum is providing are wrong and I have no phone service at all.

  • CamilliLaCamilliLa Posts: 18 ✭✭✭
    Jul 12, 2021

    I just got replies to my ticket. One said that it's been resolved. Another said that Spectrum VoIP and Spectrum Internet and Spectrum Voice are separate, unrelated companies, and my submissions to Spectrum VoIP are meaningless.

    So, I have no telephone service and no way to contact whatever Spectrum company is responsible for this mess.

  • catchtwentytwocatchtwentytwo Posts: 12 ✭✭✭
    Jul 12, 2021

    Am I correct that you have a separate Spectrum modem and a separate voice adapter? If yes, have you considered getting a new Spectrum MTA (all-in-one)? Spectrum does not charge for modems and you should get a DOCSIS 3.1 model.

    Which modem model do you currently have and do you own it? Do you have a stand alone router for WIFI?

  • CamilliLaCamilliLa Posts: 18 ✭✭✭
    edited July 12 Jul 12, 2021

    And, it gets worse. I borrowed a cell phone and called Spectrum again.

    They can send a technician out sometime Thursday (unless there's a cancellation)...

    [By the way, the Customer Service rep. tried the "it must be your phone" gambit again, after pretending to have read the record of the problems. So, I had to explain AGAIN about having tried two different phones and trying one at a different house, etc.]

    Great going, Spectrum. Somebody in your office did something - from your office - that broke my phone service completely, and you can't even look at fixing it for several days?

    Spectrum has claimed to be concerned about availability (so that you can count on it to, say, call the fire department), but an outage of four days is acceptable?

  • CamilliLaCamilliLa Posts: 18 ✭✭✭
    edited July 13 Jul 12, 2021

    I have a modem that says "Nokia" on it (but supposedly made by Alcatel?) And, a separate VoIP adapter: ubee model TVM924 (ubee model number TVM9242); H/W Version 5.1.1). Both provided by Spectrum. As I recall, the adapter is connected to one Ethernet port on the modem (#4?) and my router is connected to another port (#1?). [That's the way the Spectrum installer set things up, and nothing has changed since. -I included dates of the phone equipment in the original post.] I guess that Spectrum owns them, but is likely to tell the customer to throw away the old phone adapter when a new one comes.

    Probably more than you need to know:

    [Actually, when the (Spectrum fiber internet) installer came, I was using an old Verizon DSL modem with built-in router. But, the Spectrum installer saw the WiFi access point and assumed that it has a router in it and said I'm all set and left. I ended up using a Linux box to figure out that the Nokia modem is nothing but a modem (presenting a 47.x.x.x address on the Ethernet port; no NAT, routing or anything. I did have enough stuff in the house to set up a router on my own.]

    I have two routers. The fancy one is a NetGate appliance; after one year, it turned into a doorstop, and I switched back to my old TP-link router. I was able (with guidance from NetGate) to burn the firmware back onto the NetGate, but haven't gotten around to swapping it back into service. [I'm still kind-of unhappy about the NetGate. -What, no ECC memory?] The NetGate failure was at least six months ago.] Both routers have the same settings (DHCP ranges, port forwarding, etc.)

    The Ethernet switch is Netgear (8 ports). I have a cheapo Tenda WiFi access point for two laptops. My other computers (running OpenVMS [on an AlphaServer], Windows XP [old dual-CPU workstation], and Linux (CentOS on a cheapo PC) have wired Ethernet connections to the switch. [Oh, yeah. And a laser printer on the LAN.]

    I kind-of like having separate components because it's easier to isolate a failure. If somebody wants to claim that something on my LAN is causing a problem, I can easily disconnect my router from the modem, and I can still use my computers...

    [Plus, lots of all-in-one boxes have only four Ethernet ports.]

    Back to the VoIP adapter:

    The first person I called (last week) suggested going to a Spectrum store (to get a new adapter?) When I asked about finding the nearest store, she switched to sending a technician out with a new adapter. I'm willing to drive to a store to pick it up if it means not having to wait until Thursday to (maybe) have a working phone again. [Verizon mails modems/routers all the time and assumes the customer can plug in the jacks..]

  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,146 ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 12 Jul 12, 2021

    I am also interested in this topic,

    I have not had problems with Caller ID on TV stamps lately, but have gotten conflicting reports over the years as to where it originates and whom is responsible for its upkeep. To add to this, we have been getting some calls from time to time stamped "Unavailable." but not often enough to begin to run a trace of a problem.

    Some years ago when Caller ID went down, we had a tech out to do some maintenance, sorry I can't remember what it was, and we asked about what happens when Caller ID goes down." (This is from the old Time Warner Cable Days) and he says:

    "Caller ID on TV is considered a bonus feature provided by the company. But we don't give it high priority status, because if your phone services, Internet, and Cable TV are working, that is always given the top priority checks."

    My own personal suspicions of Caller ID on TV is that it is controlled by server data at the local node. Number listings come either from Spectrum, or they are outsourced by another company providing the data to Spectrum. While the appearance of Caller ID on TV may vary from cable TV box to box, it is known that Caller ID on TV can take from 6-24 hours to activate on a new box. If you have Spectrum Voice (a.k.a Spectrum Landline) the data stamp for the Caller ID on TV should match the Caller ID data on your phone. That up to 24 hour issue to get Caller ID on TV is the time needed for a new box to communicate with the servers and download the caller ID data from Spectrum's network database to the box.

    The Caller ID on TV stamp not working should have nothing to do with your phone. If it was a phone issue , your whole LED display itself would be wonky, not just Caller ID on TV, and it would be wonky regardless of your company carrier.

    Responsibility for Caller ID on TV stamps has to do with one, or a conjunction of one or more of the following things:

    1.) Spectrum's phone network

    2.) Spectrum's listing data

    3.) The individual node from the area responsible for having #1 and #2 communicate with each other.

    With the above information as a reference, I have a question regarding the OP's topic:

    "My phone allows me to set its date and time manually, and it can keep the date and time synchronized by using the date/time stamp in caller ID info. [I've had the auto-synch feature turned on since before I switched to Spectrum.]"

    @CamilliLa What happens if you turn off the auto-synch feature on your phone? We have had Spectrum Voice since about 2010 and not once did anything with auto-synching to the network. We just connected the phone, let the phone do it's caller ID and it matches the Spectrum Caller ID just as it should. The only wait is in the rare instance of a box swap, about six hours for Caller ID on TV to activate. Try turning off your auto sych feature and than reboot your phone modem again. When the lights all come back on, do your router as well if you have Wireless Internet. Now see how Caller ID on TV behaves with synch turned off. With this method, your phone ID data will come from Spectrum, and won't result in AT&T trying to synchronize things with that feature activated on your phone.


  • CamilliLaCamilliLa Posts: 18 ✭✭✭
    edited July 13 Jul 13, 2021

    The other issue (with respect to my phone service being completely out for days) is that we don't know what person #6 did that broke things. Is it possible that what he broke is on a server somewhere - so that replacing the VoIP adapter won't get me connected again? And, who is he, anyway? Is his name in the record for my account? [Some of the CS reps mumble their names (and I ask them to spell them). I don't think he identified himself at all. My call was forwarded to him from #5 (maybe "Dria").]

  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,146 ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 13 Jul 13, 2021


    To update things, when you pick up the receiver or turn on your speakerphone, you can't even get a dial tone at this time? If Caller ID auto-sync it is already off on your AT &T phone,, leave it off.

    Yes, mods can review account notes. I would anticipate a mod request to have them PM your account information to get this escalated. A matter of fixing what got broken. After this gets fixed, get a billing credit for the number of days your Spectrum Voice Service was out. (Wait 7-10 business days for your account credit.) Would strongly recommend disabling the AT &T auto sync for Caller ID on your phone permanently. Spectrum must have changed something on their phone servers that the auto AT &T Caller ID syncing doesn't like.

    It also concerns me that about once a month, your phone service goes completely out and you have to reboot to get it back. This should also be added to the escalation notes as part of the investigation to determine if this is a signal problem, line problem, or equipment problem.


  • CamilliLaCamilliLa Posts: 18 ✭✭✭
    edited July 13 Jul 13, 2021

    I have two phones that display the caller ID info. including the date and time. [I bought the second one because I wanted automatic robocall blocking, which the older one didn't have.] To prove to Spectrum that the problem isn't in the phone, I took out the old phone (which I had put back into its original packing with manuals and all). The current phone and the old phone both displayed the bogus date and time when connected to my Spectrum phone line. When I took the old phone to a neighbor's house and called, the phone displayed the correct date and time. How can this possibly a problem with the phone(s)?

    Of course, as of noon-ish today, when CS rep. #6 said he'd do some kind of reset and reload and would then call me back, the line has been completely dead. No dial tone. Nothing. -When the VoIP adapter is unplugged or rebooting, the phone displays something like "off line". Even with the no dial-tone situation, the phone does not display that. The phone is happy with the connection to the VoIP adapter. It's that the adapter no longer generates a dial tone (or does anything that I can see).

    I've turned the auto-synch feature on and off many times. In addition to having the manuals for both phones (the printed manual that came with the newer phone is abridged; I also downloaded a more complete one and keep a printout in the same folder with the other papers for that phone.] I also have the pdf file (and two backups of that disk and all other disks).

    As for turning off the auto synch., that only hides one part of the problem. Regardless of the setting, every call record will have a bogus time/date stamp. [Calls that come in, regardless of the auto-synch. setting, go into the caller ID log.] With my phone line, the dates and times in the log are the same bogus ones that the phone could have used to synch the phone's date/time display. Do courts expect caller ID logs to be accurate? I am paying Spectrum for caller ID. The date/time stamp is part of caller ID. Spectrum has not been providing that for a couple of weeks. [The last valid stamp was June 29. I have no idea when calls after that came in - because the stamps are bogus.]

    Right now, the auto-synch. setting is irrelevant. Because the line is dead, I haven't received a call since I last set the date and time (which was when I rebooted the cable-modem, the VoIP adapter, and the phone - multiple times - this afternoon).

    As I understand it, the caller ID information is sent between the first and second ring of an incoming call and is in the form of the "noise" that old acoustic couplers made - because it's the same - there are two tones (frequency modulation, ala FM radio) superimposed on a carrier frequency. The two tones represent zeros and ones. There's not much in the protocol that is ambigous. If the adapter gets the time from an Ethernet packet or uses its own clock (regulated by internet time, I'm sure), it just converts it to the analog form, along with the caller ID name and number. What Spectrum has been sending down my phone line is wrong. [I have more old caller ID boxes; how many do I have to try to convince everybody that the problem is Spectrum's?] [And, what Spectrum is sending down my phone line right now it pretty-much nothing.]

    No matter what form the adapter is sending the date in (Unix 32-bit date/time value? Binary-Coded-Decimal? Doesn't matter), it's still in the form of a date - which both of my phones decode as dates. But, the date that the adapter is encoding is wrong.

    My neighbor (where my phone displays the date/time correctly) has Spectrum Voice. He has a different VoIP adapter (his own).

    "mods"? "PM"?

  • CamilliLaCamilliLa Posts: 18 ✭✭✭
    Jul 13, 2021

    Update. I filed a complaint against Spectrum with the Massachusetts Dept. of Telecommunications and Cable. I included the history, but it's mostly about their claim of reliable service and then saying a four day outage is fine.

  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,146 ✭✭✭✭
    Jul 13, 2021


    First things first, reestablishing phone service. You will need a mod to open a ticket by getting account information and getting this escalated.

    Would you be able to get a conventional router from Spectrum and not use the VoIP adapter? Just thinking if it is possible that the VoIP adapter could be a part of this mess? Spectrum modems are included with Spectrum Voice and Internet plans. You can rent a Spectrum router for $5.00 a month. By getting all the phone hardware equipment on Spectrum's end, we can get a clearer picture of things. Companies on the whole are not very good at providing support on equipment that isn't theirs.


  • CamilliLaCamilliLa Posts: 18 ✭✭✭
    edited July 13 Jul 13, 2021

    The Nokia modem and ubee VoIP adapter ARE from Spectrum.

    [My NEIGHBOR has his own VoIP adapter (also ubee; different model). And, he has what looks like the same Nokia (Alcatel) modem as me - which he says came from Spectrum.]

    What's a "mod"?

  • CamilliLaCamilliLa Posts: 18 ✭✭✭
    Jul 13, 2021

    I don't want to sidetrack anybody from helping figure out how to get things working again with Spectrum, but I've started to question why I should use Spectrum Voice at all. One theoretical benefit is that Spectrum can't blame the problem on the separate VoIP company. But, they've already shown that their go-to strategy IS to blame another company (the phone manufacturer) when there's no way they could possibly know what the source of the problem is.

    And the ubee adapter that they gave me has always been unreliable.. If I don't reboot it every month or two, either I find that I have no dial tone or somebody sends me email or a neighbor comes over to tell me that they can't reach me by phone. And, I go reboot the adapter. And, it works - for a while. [The Spectrum tech. who visited proudly stated that people go for two or three months without having to reboot the adapter. That's pathetic.] Despite corroded infrastructure, copper-wired phone service was extremely reliable. And, it worked through power failures. [I have UPSes but no generator; I suspect that Spectrum has the same; the service goes out if a power failure lasts long enough.]

    I once had a problem when I was having something shipped from California (air freight). The shipper couldn't get ahold of me for days. I rebooted the adapter, but it didn't help. Some calls got through, but the shipper could not reach me. There was an outage somewhere in Spectrum's network. [I ended up communicating with the shipper via email.]

    So, how unreliable are the VoIP set-ups from other companies? I know that operating systems have drastically different uptimes. [Unix people used to mock Windows when NT had the bug that caused it to crash if left running for more than 27 (or 37?) days. VMS's official record is 17 years (unofficial: 25 years, but it's the NSA) of uptime for a single system; clusters extend that time indefinitely. But, lots of Windows users are used to being told to restart whenever there's a problem. and think that that's acceptable. Are there any VoIP adapters with well-written software?

  • CamilliLaCamilliLa Posts: 18 ✭✭✭
    Jul 13, 2021

    So, does anybody know how the Voice set-up associates my phone with my phone number? Does Spectrum (from their servers) associate my internet connection with my phone number? Or, was my Voice adapter programmed to know my phone number? [So, a new adapter would have to be programmed by Spectrum?]

    I never paid attention to whether or not I have a static IP address. [ISPs usually give out DHCP addresses to home users and static addresses to business users - so a business can easily set up things like a web server.] But, with a DHCP address, it would be more difficult to associate my IP address with my phone set-up. I doesn't seem like it would be worth it to use DNS with a made-up name.

  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,146 ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 13 Jul 13, 2021

    I don't have an adapter, I have an Arris Modem for Internet and Phone and a Netgear Internet router (my own.) It's an older model and only gets old Time Warner Speeds and is very reliable. When we had some disconnects about two years ago, a software update to the modem fixed the issue.

    I can't remember the last time that I had to reboot the modem or the router. I only have to do it maybe twice a year. But if you have to reboot equipment every month, something is wrong. Get a traditional router and modem from Spectrum and have them take away your voice adapter. I have heard of issues with U-Bee adapters. Tech was wrong in saying, "They are all the same."

    We need to get a supervisor out to check your phone lines and signals. Don't reboot any equipment for six hours prior to your service call as this can reset the error code on the lines.

    Do you have other services from Spectrum? Cable TV? Internet? How are they working for you?

    A mod is a forum moderator who is a Spectrum employee and can send PM's requesting account information to check things on the account or set up service calls, as well as escalate problems.


  • CamilliLaCamilliLa Posts: 18 ✭✭✭
    Jul 13, 2021

    How addressing works begins between the "codecs" section and the "soft switch" section...

    So, it appears that the Voice adapter doesn't have to know anything about the phone number... But, the association between phone number and IP address must to be tied to Spectrum's DHCP assignments (unless you have a static IP address).

  • CamilliLaCamilliLa Posts: 18 ✭✭✭
    Jul 14, 2021

    I started with internet from Spectrum. [The town installed fiber-optic cable a couple of years ago because the population density was too low for a for-profit company to be interested. [And, there wasn't room on all of the telephone poles to add more wires, so many poles had to be replaced.] When the town was about to go forward on running town internet, a couple of cable companies came forward, including Spectrum. Spectrum got the contract.

    Early on Spectrum offered VoIP, but stopped because there were so many complaints about it being unreliable. After they announced that they had fixed the problem, I signed up. [Did the fix include a firmware upgrade for the adapters? Did I get an adapter with old firmware? That might explain the required reboots, but the date and time were correct until after June 29th.]

    Internet has been fairly reliable. There were a few town-wide outages early on. It's gone out on me only a few times, and rebooting the modem got it back. I guess some people think that six months without a reboot is OK. [My NetGate router ran for a year before the complete failure. The router stopped routing, and the built-in web server stopped working. But, I was able to get into the console with telnet and see the boot failures. NetGate support gave me instructions for reloading all of the firmware/software.] My VMS system easily runs for years without a problem. It gets rebooted only when there's a power failure too long for my UPS to cover. Even the Windows XP system goes for a year or two at a time, and I've never had to reboot it. It gets rebooted because of a long power failure. The Linux system has bugs that require the network interface or Gnome to be restarted after a few months, but no need to reboot. On Windows 10, I have no idea - because of all of the forced updates. The Windows 8 laptop goes for months and months, but I use it only for iTunes.]

    I'm reluctant to use a modem and Voice adapter not approved (provided?) by Spectrum. They insisted and insist that the date/time problem was/is my phone - despite evidence to the contrary. I don't want them to have another excuse to not address any problems that I have.

    [For years, I used an older modem/router from Verizon - because that router didn't hang when the internet connection went down - which was often - as the newer all-in-one modem/router/WiFi adapters did. -So, I could continue to use the computers on my LAN during the frequent outages. So, every time that I called Verizon DSL about problems with the copper lines, the script required them to try to sell me a new modem. When I refused, they sent me a free modem. I have a pile of DSL modems. -Anybody want some?]

    I didn't know you were talking about the forum moderators. I figured that it was some internal Spectrum lingo. Anyway, it looks like filing a complaint with a state agency got it escalated within Spectrum.

    [I had forgotten one other interaction with the service tech. who came out. My street has buried phone lines, and Spectrum agreed to bury the fiber lines from pole to house. [There was a screw-up that allowed them to run the cable down the street on the poles instead of underground, where the copper phone lines are.] When the crew came to (direct bury) the cable, one asked me for some slack from inside. I complied. They started the trencher/burier at the house and moved toward the street. They ended up with a fairly large loop that's sitting at the bottom of the pole. I suggested moving the loop higher on the pole so that it doesn't get damaged. -Not interested.]

    One of the problems that I suspect that Spectrum has is that, when the three companies (Spectrum, Charter, and Time-Warner) merged, they didn't train everybody in what the new company was doing. Every customer service rep. that I talk to has a different story about any topic. [Initially, this sounded good. -Unlike Verizon, where the reps. read from a script, no matter how inappropriate for your problem, the Spectrum people seemed to be allowed to listen and think. But, many also seem to be seriously misinformed. -Like the guy who insisted that the date and time being off by five months, 12 hours, and 27 minutes being a timezone issue.] There also seem to be problems with the infrastructure that the CS reps. use. When I got put on hold one time, I ended up back in the "initial call" queue, and a different rep. picked up. [So, I had to start over again.] When I had problems with billing, each time I called, the rep. said that the mistake had been corrected, but it wasn't. -Either what they were clicking on didn't cause the intended effect or the billing department was ignoring what the reps. were requesting or they're incredibly slow or.... [Oh, and because I didn't notice the billing error for a few months, they refused to issue credit for most of the overcharges. -Most companies, even if their terms exempt them from responsibility for their mistakes - whether legal or not - they make corrections to keep the customer happy.]

  • CamilliLaCamilliLa Posts: 18 ✭✭✭
    Jul 14, 2021

    As for the equipment that Spectrum passes out, from talking with neighbors, if you get the TV option (which seems to be video streaming over the internet), they give you the integrated modem/router/MTA. I started with internet only (because Spectrum was having trouble with VoIP reliability and wasn't offering Voice at all in my town at the time). When they claimed that they had fixed the Voice issues, I got voice., too. They sent out a technician to plug in the Voice adapter. [When the modem was installed, multiple technicians stressed that Ethernet port #1 on the modem was for my router, and port #4 would be for the phone adapter.]

  • CamilliLaCamilliLa Posts: 18 ✭✭✭
    edited July 15 Jul 15, 2021

    Second things first. After the technicians left last night, I noticed that the new modem was plugged into a "surge protection-only" outlet on the UPS. This morning, I unplugged it and moved it to a battery-backup outlet. The internet didn't come back. I unplugged it again and plugged it back in, and the internet came back. Then, I noticed that my internet connection is intermittent. [The new modem has "Adtran" on it.]

    Anyway, I dug out my old script from DSL days that just does curl accesses to google.com and reports failures. There are outages of about 1/4 second regularly. Is this normal for Spectrum fiber? [Sure it COULD be a google problem, but they're usually pretty reliable. I have used different destination URLs before and will check again... And, the problems that I noticed with web access were not all to google.]

  • CamilliLaCamilliLa Posts: 18 ✭✭✭
    Jul 15, 2021

    Settings like DNS hosts are in the modem, right?

    I've never changed anything in either Spectrum modem. [I THINK that I was able to change things in the old Verizon DSL modem - such as stopping the modem from presenting a Verizon web page when there was a connection problem (which was often)...] I just want to make sure it's nothing I did in the router. My router says that the DNS servers are and, and cpcounter.com/whois says that .1 is owned by Charter Communications.

    Anyway, the attached shows a longer outage this morning - that looks like a resolver issue (which is what I was seeing with the web earlier)...

  • CamilliLaCamilliLa Posts: 18 ✭✭✭
    Jul 15, 2021

    RE: Outage this morning: I got a call from a Spectrum person (Administrative Supervisor; in the US central time zone) to follow up on last night's service call. He had already checked on my modem and had seen the outage this morning. So, they do seem to be tracking the problems...

  • CamilliLaCamilliLa Posts: 18 ✭✭✭
    Jul 15, 2021

    Through NextDoor (a geography-based Facebook), I found another resident of my town with the same problem (of bogus timestamps - also late February). I sent the info. to the Central Time Spectrum guy.

    I still have the connection-test script running. No outages since 9:10am.

  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,146 ✭✭✭✭
    Jul 15, 2021

    That is great that they are on the case! Good that you found someone else in your town with the same problems. Feedback like that really helps!


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