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Can a spectrum app replace a wi-fi range extender to watch streaming tv?

limalmslimalms Posts: 1

Please don't throw rocks if this question has been answered or it's really dumb-- I am techologically impaired and have tried to sift through here already, as well as making numerous calls to Spectrum and to Samsung. We just purchased a New Samsung Q50R smart tv  after confirming with Spectrum that it would be compatible and we '"shouldn't have any issues." Well, the tv will stay connected for a second or two before notifying us of a poor internet connection. The TV is located one floor straight up from the modem and router and a few feet (through2 walls) from a wi-fi range extender located on the same floor as the tv. Spectrum says we need a wi fi extender-- just one' not two-- but cannot tell me if my current range extender is functioning correctly. My question is how to solve this; can I watch tv streaming through my phone or laptop? Buy an eero system? Something else? At least when we only had 10 channels it was plug and play! I am not looking for technological perfection, just the ability to stream tv (and maybe eventually to watch on demand.) Our immediate goal is to get this up and running for the Olympics Thanks for any advice or suggestions on where else to hunt!


  • Julia_RJulia_R Posts: 4,622 Lead Mod
    Jul 15, 2021

    Hello! Welcome to the community!

    There are a few things that might help. If you are not having issues in the rest of the house I personally would not suggest buying new extenders or routers. I would encourage you to try whats called a powerline adapter or sometimes called a home plug. It comes with 2 power plugs that also have an ethernet connection. One end goes to the tv, then plugged into a power outlet. The other one you then plug into the back of the router and a power outlet near that. It works best if they are both on the same electrical circuit but I've had great luck with them.


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