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Automatically change channel to upcoming program

JmheiertJmheiert Posts: 1
in TV Equipment Jul 22, 2021

With my old carrier I could pick an upcoming show and record it or request auto tune. Auto tune would automatically change the channel to the selected show or ask if I want to change channels. Does spectrum have this option or only the ability to record?


  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,146 ✭✭✭✭
    Jul 22, 2021

    Hi @JMHarmon,

    To my knowledge Spectrum DVR's do not auto tune to the DVR'ed content being recorded., it would not be needed for the DVR to do this. Customers are free to select the show that they want to record, and the show will than record at the selected time as long as a DVR tuner is avaliable. Depending on box model, DVR options can range from 2-6 tuners. 6 tuner boxes are rare. The newest model DVR's, called World Boxes, are 4 tuner DVR's with the ability to store 1 TB of shows.

    Why it might not be a good idea for a DVR to auto tune to a recorded show:

    1.) Several family members using the same box, if they were watching another show, and the box auto changed to record something else, they would miss what they were watching previously.

    2.) All you need to do is go to your DVR Manager list and options are provided for you to play the show being recorded at your convenience. This gives the customer greater control over DVR programing.


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