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Local TV Station Shows Animal Cruelty HOW can I not be subjected?

SpectralWatcherSpectralWatcher Posts: 1 Newcomer

Every time I turn on the TV is flips back to a local channel that is always showing FISHING. Spearing. Just tonite 7:30 on spectrum pacific they aired a show showing a gorgeous huge fish. Maybe a marlin still alive but being clubbed in the head. Is there anything I can do to not continually see this. We live in a world now where people are realizing we have to live with nature and not torture it. Please help.


  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,396 Contributor
    Aug 31, 2021


    Google Search "What Guide do I have?", Spectrum. Than one of the top results will be a site where you can enter your street address. You can than select the guide you have and go under Settings. Under Settings, look for something called "Power on Channel" You can than select an age appropriate channel that you want the box to tune to when it is powered on.

    You can also set up Parental Control Blocking Pins to restrict that channel from being viewed. The Guide tutorials all have Parental Control Pins that you can set up where you have to enter a pin number, before you can view the content.


  • James_MJames_M Posts: 3,200 ADMIN
    Aug 31, 2021

    Hi and welcome!

    The suggestion by Satch is great way to manage the start up channel on your set top box. For additional awareness, Spectrum provides the video signal, but does not have any control over content or other programming related decisions. If you would like to provide feedback about the specific programming that you found objectionable, we encourage you to contact your local network affiliate directly.

    Hope you find this helpful.

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