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Spectrum Remote Last Button Not Working

ddboy3ddboy3 Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited March 23 in Watch TV 2021 Archive Oct 07, 2021

Sometimes the Last button goes to the previous channel I was watching as expected. Other times the Last button takes me to the channel I was watching before the last channel or two channels ago. This has happened with multiple Spectrum remotes. Anyone else having this issue?

Best Answer

  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,523 Contributor
    Oct 07, 2021 Answer ✓

    I have heard of this issue for the past couple of years. It may be by design.

    The problem is that on some of the guides, some channels are not really channels at all. For example, when you pull up On Demand on some of the guides like ODN and the new Spectrum Guide, note that this is not a channel. It is an overlay menu to select On Demand content. In this case, the Last button may not work, because the On Demand Menu over-rides the the last channel prompt.

    For example if you are watching in sequence:




    The Last button should sequence back to these channels without incident.

    But, if you are watching:




    Pull up the On Demand Menu and watch somehing, or just pull up the On Demand Menu, The Last button may not work. This is because On Demand menus count as menu overlays, they are not channels. Think of On Demand on Spectrum's newest guides like your cable Guidr Time Grid. The Time Grid, like the On Demand Menus, are menus of program choices, They don't count as channels in the "Channel sense."

    To get your Last button working again, you would have to enter two specific channels, without selecting a Menu overlay such as On Demand.. This should help!


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